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Critique the Barb Above You V2 (READ RULES)


Offensive: 7/10
You need to get more attack speed in there. A crit mempo and crit lacuni will help a lot. 300th spear offhand would work better for your weapon throw. A EF with LS or CD would be a real nice upgrade.

Defensive: 10/10

Your ehp and defensive stats are insane. You can actually replace some of your defensive peices for dps. Id say your all resist is too high. Balance out armor/all resist to a 10/1 ratio. Also you are partly ranged so I would think your defensive stats wouldent have to be as high as a pure ww barb.

Build: 8/10
Hybrid builds are cool but as a effectiveness standpoint IMO pure builds work best. Either go pure weapon throw or pure ww.

Badass: 8/10
Im sure with very very good peices of gear this build would be great but I think you're taking up time trying to incorporate weapon throw in there. You will farm faster with a pure ww build but if this build is fun to play for you then thats all that matters.

Critique: lower your ehp a bit and increase dps.
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@ OP
12/19/2012 08:50 PMPosted by Aeternam
Would be nice to add you even though I'm not on as often as I would like to.

Sure added.
12/19/2012 08:50 PMPosted by Aeternam
Which gear would you recommend I switch out in order? I was thinking I need more IAS so a better ring or Lacuni's would be first?

I think Lacuni's would give you more flexibility because that ring slot could be saved for a Leoric's or SoJ.
@ Dumax
12/20/2012 02:50 AMPosted by Dumax
but i like him more playing his dh. the man has skills :)

Hey buddy. Explain please.
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@ Beeotch

Offensive: 10/10
You do you get for the man with 600k DPS? You can get out of his way.

Defensive: 10/10
I'm not sure what could kill you. I suppose if you stood still a while something would manage.

Build: 9/10
Fine. I'll be a little critical of bothering with Impunity. I'm sure you could find a creative way of making use of this slot in a manner that isn't overkill.

Badass: 9/10
You lose a style point for WW, that's all. HotA is more "badass" of a look. If you throw out aethetics it's another solid 10.

Critique: Your gear is good enough to do whatever you want. Branch out and try a quirky spec. I hope you are making good money on the RMAH, since putting more effort into this barb is overkill at this point.

(Edit: my barb is admittedly awful. I'm taking on a side project to reclaim him a bit. He's currently geared in my wizard's castoff finds and some stuff from when I played him more in 1.02 and 1.03)

(Edit 2: in the interest of keeping the thread tidy, I'll post my response to @Castablanca here.

I'm not necessarily giving up on the wizard, but I'm converting him to CM/WW and selling off his Archon-specific gear to fund the changeover as well as my barb side project.

Thanks for the kindly advice, it was far less harsh than my mess of a barb probably deserves. I love LS
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Offense: 8.5/10
+ Beautiful stacking of average damage on 2 rings and amulet.
- Offhand could use more strength, but lovely 99 CD.
- Your shoulder is a bit weak. Please find a better VW or rare with more strength + vit :)

Defense: 8.5/10
+ Stacked life% is very nice = 78k hp, Superb resistances.
- However, you are lacking in sustainability (i.e. lifesteal). I notice you have some LoH from your blackthorne's pants and unity, but that is sorely wasted at your 177k dps level. Anyone above 100k should transition to 6-9% lifesteal. I also see you use No Escape, so you are running currently with 2.8% lifesteal and ~700 LoH. That is not as efficient as 6% lifesteal at your dps level.

Build: 9.75/10
+ Any Hybrid Weapon Throw barb is GG in my book. However, with only -5 fury cost, I can imagine you have some difficulty starting the engine. I highly recommend a -4 WT Stone of Jordan with Cold damage. I recently switched over and haven't looked back. -9 fury cost means perma WT and perma Wrath even on single targets.
- You don't need Warcry. Especially for WT hybrid WWnado, because you are highly mobile, vastly out-maneuvering any other barb build (and even DH build). As hybrid throw barb, you basically do damage while you kite (i.e. throw, ww, throw, ww), so it's even better than pre-1.0.4 trail of cinder DHs.

Badass: 9.25/10
+ hybrid throw barb = versatility and pvp domination
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I notice you are switching from wizard to barb. Imho, you should have stayed Wizard :(
I have a feeling that Wiz class will dominate in PvP. But that's for another discussion on a separate thread.

Offense: 6/10
+ Very strong start my friend. Since you are going dual-wield WWnado, I highly recommend you prioritize your stat distribution as follows:
1) Attack Speed. Get it to reach your desired breakpoint within reason.
2) Crit chance. Get it above 40% unbuffed.
3) Strength/CD. I haven't decided which one is better than the other because they're both equally important. Strength however does kill 2 birds with 1 stone. More baseline strength and more armor. However, if you have met requirements #1 and #2 and have good AS and CC, then CD will be the most efficient DPS buff.
Specific gear priority:
Get rid of that Andy's helm. That fire damage affix is not worth that AS. IK helm or Mempo's.

Defense: 8/10
+ despite having low EHP, you have incredible sustain. I love your triple Lifesteal stack (2.8% belt + 2.6% offhand + 2.9% Echo). Once you exceed 100-150k dps, you can drop Bloodthirst, but I recommend you use Bloodthirst over Tough as Nails currently because y our damage is still too low to take advantage of lifesteal in the most efficient way :)
Specific gear priority:
+ That chest, either go IK or a cheaper unique variant is Tal Rasha's chest.
+ Pants: go Inna's Temp (for more atkspd, cc, and vit).
+ Boots: go Ice Climbers (no movement speed saves money, since Inna's already makes up for the loss).

Build: 8/10
- replace Tough As Nails with Bloodthirst. Once you hit 100-150k dps, then you can go back to Tough as Nails.
- You have enough crit chance to make Overpower Crushing Advance a viable and superior alternative to Warcry Impunity.
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Offense: 10/10
Loving that SOJ. WT hybrid is my favorite (I also have this build, and HOTA, my profile shows my mp2 farming build).

Defense: 10/10
Good attack speed and life leeching. I'd be surprised if you die to stuff.

Build: 10/10
Its funny because I'm trying to build my barb almost exactly like this.

Badass: 10/10
This kind of high attack speed hybrid is my favorite, so I'm biased!
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First of all, paragon 100. Wow. You don't need our advice. This following post is just more analysis of your build so that other barbs might better appreciate your loadout :)

Offense: 10/10
+ 196k dps unbuffed (on your diabloprogress profile).
+ 600k dps buffed (with Thrive on Chaos, not Insanity). Wow! (hint: brawler).
+ highly stacked average damage and insanely high crit chance + crit damage = insane yellow numbers.
- your attack speed is a little low, but to upgrade at your level would cost 2-4 billion (trifecta IK, as+cc mempo. Also, with your insane dps, that just means that your yellow numbers on-screen are above 1 million crits consistently.

Defense: 10/10
+ Respectable EHP from combination of vit+strength+resists+life%.
+ Good sustainability from stacked lifesteal.
- You don't need Warcry. At your dps, Overpower Crushing advance is much better. You get both the defense and the offense. Each overpower crit would be like a mini-aoe 1million death nova.

Build: 9.75/10
- as mentioned before, War cry is largely wasted on your badass self.
- Bash instigation? I can't even imagine what Bash PUNISH + Brawler + Wrath would do to your barb dps.
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thanks casablanca and beeotch good some good advises there
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@ MrDeath

Offense: 7/10
Nice HF ring and real nice OF. You should try to get a decent EF. The + att/sec will really help increase your overall attack speed.

Defense: 8/10
Overall defense is pretty good. Your AR is about normal. If you could squeeze some more Vit anywhere it would help, especially with our life 10%.

Build: 8/10
I’m giving you extra for using War Cry. I know a ton of people here dislike using that skill but it still is very effective. I would get rid of Boon though, if you have trouble keeping WOTB up go for animosity.

Badass: 9/10
Nice solid WW barb. Looks like most of your upgrades are going to be pricey but you are definitely looking good.

I'm skipping you Casta as you have already been rated.
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Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying WT hybrid build. It's really a fusion of Demon Hunter and Barb playstyles imho.
And, paragon 70, wow. Congrats man.

Offense: 8.5/10
+ Nice combination of attack speed and crit chance = consistent crit crit crit crit. Any drop of CD would amplify your profile dps like a virus in an immunosuppressed infant.
- Get Echo. If you are going to use WT hybrid build, Echo Echo Echo fury fury fury.
- I like your Inna's + Ice Climbers combo. However, those Ice Climbers have too much dex. Unless you are going for dodge build, in which case you should switch Impunity to Veteran's Warning for Warcry, and use Sprint (Rush) for dodge chance that rivals even 3000dex Demon Hunters and Monks.

Defense: 8/10
+ 9% Lifesteal (perfect 3% belt, perfect 3% offhand, perfect 3% mainhand). You have more than enough dps to take advantage of only 6%, so 9% lets your facetank MP10 reflect mobs.
- You have enough resists to switch Warcry to Overpower Crushing Advance. I know CA got nerfed so that it no longer proc life on hit. But, I still think it's worth it for the 35% damage reduction. No other skill in entire Diablo arsenal does this better (Ignore Pain's cooldown is too long). Think of Crushing Advance as an iPad mini (ignore Pain mini).

Build: 8/10
+ as I said above, go iPad mini, i.e. Crushing Advance! You have enough attack speed and CC to perma-Crushing Advance.
- Boon of Bul-kathos is not worth it unless you are using Earthquake. I highly recommend switching to Brawler if you WWnado, or No Escape if you WT.

Badass: 9.25/10
+ paragon 70 barb we salute you.
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Offense: 9.9/10
+ Love your build, love your loadout, totally makes sense. Hybrid WT + Hota.
+ 300th spear and at 182k dps = +270k dps barb. Nice man.
- Either replace your helm with Mempo or Belt with Witching Hour. You want to maintain that 2pc IK set bonus, but you also need some attack speed. Yes, I know attack speed??? for a non-ww barb? Of course!
- Strongarm bracer, switch to Lacuni's.

Defense: 8/10
+ This is definitely a different take on cookie-cutter life sustain builds. That is to say, you are not cookie-cutter. Ignore Pain and Dread Spear? That's a little risky imho, but unique. You clearly need to be skilled at timing when to use skills rather than just button mash like I do :P

Build: 9.95/10
+ I love your Ricochet + Ancient Spear combo. But, Dread Spear for lifesteal is too unreliable for sustained fights at higher MP levels. In the event that you don't crit, you are out of your lifesteal source for 10 seconds. Ignore Pain is there but there is an insanely long cooldown.
+ I also understand HOTA is there for aoe and more damage.... but it entirely wastes your 300 spear bonus. Therefore, I recommend switching Ancient Spear to Harpoon for the aoe damage. And switching HOTA to Rend/Bloodlust for the heal and additional AOE supplement, with WT as main dps.
+ I also recommend switching Ignore Pain to Crushing Advance (overpower).

Badass: 10/10
+ this is not an easy build to pull off. nice work.
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I will do my best to rate you although I am still learning how to play barbs so I dont know how much my comments are actually worth lol. Yours is obviously superior to mine.

Offense: 10/10
I love the amount of str/atk spd you have managed to put together while still keeping your vita high. Yours APS must be off the charts.

Your ammy is pretty sick, a nice trifecta and huge vit

Your loadout supports weapon throw well. Ive never used it, how do you like it as compared to a typical frenzy or bash?

Defense: 10/10
Nice HP combined with 6% LS and such high attack speed, I am sure you have no problems at all staying at full health.

Badass: 10/10
Someone more experienced than me may have a different take but this barb looks awesome to me. I hope to be able to get my own to a similar level. Great job!
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90 Undead Rogue
Posts: 10

Honestly im not skilled enought to give anyone advice or throw in my 2 cents. So im just going to give me raggedy critique

You are probably where I would like to be dmg wise. Your hp and resistance might be a little low?

But without writing to much i would say your a solid 9.5/10 across the board. taking the half point off for defense.

Mainly wrote this to see how I would get critiqued since I feel like I have my head cut off on what im doing. thanks
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repost for having wrong profile selected!
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Offense: 5 /10 - Your DPS is low for a few reasons but it looks like you have not gone crazy gearing your barb as Barb's are so expensive it makes sense. Your main hand has rather low DPS and no life recovery at all. It is rather inexpensive to get a +175 Strength axe with a socket and life steal in the 845DPS or higher range. While not helping your DPS a ton it leads into...

Defense: 7 /10 Over 5000 Armor is a big one for me and you hit it, so good job there :) Your resists are pretty good overall but could be a little it better. I always try and shoot for 600-650 at a minimum but it really depends on what MP you plan to play at. Your life recovery in terms of life on hit and life steal is low as I just see your off-hand with the life on hit. Barbarian mighty belts can have life steal on them with the other stats you are looking for and are a good way to upgrade a toon without breaking the bank on a solid weapon. I have a couple that would be useful for you I would be more than happy to give. Add me and I would be happy to help.

Build: 8 /10 I would look at adding shout/impunity in there to boost your armor/resists as a great way to help your ability to survive. This with a bit more life recovery as mentioned should help you go a long way.

Badass: 9 /10 - I am a sucker for anyone who colors their gear all the same color and then to use Infernal Dye makes it even more awesome :) I think Barb's look best in Level 61 rare armor with your Level 62 helm - so I might be a bit bias :)

Critique: Overall your barb is looking pretty solid, get a little bit more life recovery and some CC your DPS should come up very nicely.
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Offense: 6.5/10, you could definitely use more ias and crit damage by upgrading your main and off hand weapon for quad crits. More cd and ias will help out with your spec. Hell you could ditch warcry for overpower killing spree as you got heaps of resist and nice armor too! Life ls and loh.

Defense: 9/10 crazy all resist there mate, awesome armor and loh, coupled with superstition, I reckon not many elite packs gives you much trouble if any.

Build: 10/10 classic dt barb, you're Prolly mowing down those guys like butter

Badass: 10/10, I'm a big fan of people's gearing route and good to see you got a balance of loh and ls in there compared to the frontal all out LS build. Well done.

Critique: you're gonna have to do something about the low cd and lack of ias soon. Ditch the bracers and get an str 9% lacuni and either a tyrael might with 3 soc or an ms ice climbers as the faster you move the more tornadoes you lay in your way hence better fury regen/damage, no ww barb should ever play w/o 24% ms, when you do you're going to wonder at how you ever played w/o ms LOL.
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Offense: 7/10

I think you could give up some attack speed for some true damage increases. You are using rend/bloodlust. My guess is because your natural damage doesn't give you enough life steal due to you stacking IAS rather than pure damage for example, str, higher weapon damage, CD, etc. If this isn't the case then DROP bloodlust in WW spec and get some more CC with killing spree. Have you checked your WW breakpoints? you have 55% IAS from equip + 25% from wrath takes you to 80% which puts you at 8.57 tps. You need 4% more IAS to reach your next break point (more on this later).

Defense: 6/10 (this is regarding armor, resists, etc.)

Inna's pants.. I don't know about them. As as I sad you need 4% more IAS for your next b reakpoint but could stand to lose 22% IAS and still your torandos would tick at 8.57 tps. I think rare pants with more EHP would really benefit you more than the innas. Iunderstand you got the movement speed from them but you could compensate the movement speed with ice climbers at 180+ str and the socket.. EHP = pants. IMO.

Build: 8/10 (this is regarding the skills build)

standard WW build with rend.. not sre about bloodlust? If this was speed farming spec I'd use the increase range for rend if that is your concern. Otherwise, just use overpower killing spree since your CC is actually pretty low. I also think you'd benefit if you used punish over clobber.. that's an extra 24% damage on ALL skills, not like frenzy where its just FRENZY damage that increases the attack speed/damage.

Badass: 10/10 (self explanatory)

Because I feel everyone that plays this game at your level puts a lot in to their character and it is disrespectful to rate it any less ;) Good job for sticking through it!

Critique: As a barbar I feel you are a little "thin" and rare pants would catapult you to the next level.. and with killing spree instead of bloodlust you'll be causing WAY more damage and dying a lot less. I think your all res is enough to run killing spree and its really a fantastic skill! Congrats!
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@odin7, I hardly die even with my 'thin' pants lol. I ditched opks for rend: bl as I've been farming ubers lately, actually I've been carrying my lowbie mates, helping them get their first hellfire. But I do get your point in relation to EHP gained from pants but I was never big fan of EHP to begin with. About the offense part I agree with you 100% but atm its paragon farming for me but I'm sticking to the soj :), its beast. I did try bash and punish rune but the knockback was a pain in the !@# for me, I find out that clobber works wonders in ubers to prevent them from dealing the killing blow on my teammate.

The only time I get an issue and die is when I run against a molten, reflect and healthlink combo and only when I get the australian lag but aside from that when I farm act 3 its usually opks.

Did you also factor the 15% dw bonus in the tps above? As in 55+15+25, never been used to use the excel calculator, I get confused.

Thanks for the headsup.
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Offense: 9/10 Where's the crit on your mempo xD ?! a little weak on the crit chance too

Defense: 4/10 nice armor, nice all res... but only belt has life steal no LoH or ls anywhere else but passive. Get more, then that way you can use another passive maybe. and get rid of warcry -_-. HPs are a bit medium too.

Build: 8/10 not sure why you have warcry in there.. probably uber build? sure why not.

Badass: 7/10 DPS is not the only thing that counts.

Critique: Very nice gear, I'm sure you own as is, I think you can double it though with a couple upgrades :) (Unity to replace hellfire for instance :) )

Here's my profile
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u got moves

ur DH gameplay is pretty good
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