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Critique the Barb Above You V2 (READ RULES)


Actually i don't need to use animosity at all with that build i just forgot to switch it before posting in here to get critiqued. (its part of my farming build cause things die to fast to allow fury generation lol) usually i use Tough as Nails when in higher MPs.

And yes as i increase AR i will eventually replace rend with Sprint cause omg it works wonders.
just need to find a place to put it lol

any way thanks for the Critique ^^

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Offense: 10/10
Over 200k+ DPS, I see no problems here.

Defense: 9/10
A good amount of AR. Only thing you could use more of is life... you're missing vitality on some pretty easy places to get it. Shoulders, boots, as far as I see all have really high strength but no vitality whatsoever.

Badass factor: 10/10
Running WW build with Skorn is a bold move. You have plenty of it, but I would get more attack speed by finding IK gloves with +Attack speed, high strength, AND all resist. It'll cost you a pretty penny, but then again so did that sweet 4.5 crit mempo you've got.

Rate me!


Things you might miss: Around 900 Life on Hit from the amulet and Unity.
6% reduce damage from elites (Litany), 15% reduce melee damage from IK.
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Offense: 10/10 over 200k dps pretty crazy considering you're duel wielding!

Defense: 8/10 decent amount of resists, but I guess the 15% reduced melee dmg compensates for that! also 47k life too boot!

Badass: 10/10

Well I gotta say pretty unique build, fury generation with overpower and rend for 700% dmg! instead of warcry and wrath of the berserker!, I dunno if overpower is better than wrath because of the dmg and speed boost, but I would say it isnt (prefer wrath). Other than that pretty unique barb and I think im gonna swap out warcry for rend as well!
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Offense: 6/10 Rather low DPS, you need to get a ring with CC instead of the compass rose.

Defense: 9/10 So much all resistance that you probably don't need war cry

Build: 7/10 Inspiring prescence seems like a waste of a passive slot to me.

Badass: 8/10 Insane unbuffed all resistance, probably the highest I've seen on a barb not trying to get highest on diablo progress.

Critique: You are focusing too much on all resistance where you could be getting more vitality. Your health is dangerously low, enough so that even with the 750 all res your EHP is still below 600k. You could certainly get an andariels with an open socket instead of the all resistance that would help your life out a little bit. Also, you can have much more crit chance. You only have 4 on your left ring and none on your right which I'm assuming you are using for the MS. Drop the compass rose and get a nice ring with CC and a good average damage roll. Lacuni's would do the job for MS but they cost a lot with all resistance which I know you want!

PS: just saw that you were gonna switchout warcry for rend and while that may be good I'd recommend over power - killing spree.
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@ Xen0n... nice ww barb

Offence: 7/10 nice gloves and rings. your maces, pretty stable but some life steal/LoH would be really beneficial.

Defence: 6/10 I think this is your weakness. Your armor is a tad low but your res is fine. Being a ww you really need that 24% movement speed, you will notice it. Your pants are Ohkaay, but the vitality could be up around the 200. Some vitality innas temperance pants would suit you, coz dude, you need more attack speeeed.

Build: 8/10 if you get more life steal you could drop bloodthirst for tough as nails to bring your armor up. Bash pulverise is also a good fury gen.

Badass: 8/10 I dunno how to judge this part really...

Critique: I don't know how set your on staying with WW but if your after a Dps build go for something like this http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/raiteiryuu-2702/Tanondor/17973045
But apart from that movement speed, little more armor and life steal, I think your on the right track man.
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12/21/2012 04:29 AMPosted by DangerMouse
I'm about to critique xenon (in case of a double post)....

Offense: 6/10 good dps

Defense: 7/10 decent overall could use more vit

Build: 9/10 i like ur build huge dmage also good for ubers

Badass: 7/10 overall pretty good barb

Critique: for offense u can increase it by changing ur hf ring get one with avg damage, cc/cd. also ur ik chest get one with 190+str theyre pretty cheap. Maybe ik helm will do better than ur current mempos. For defense, more vit, like i said replace ik chest but thats about it for defense ooverall nice barb!
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Offense: 8/10 DPS is nice, but could be a bit better and should be considering your stats. Where i think you are lacking a bit is in your IAS. You have plenty of the other stats and this is where i would look at this point.

Defense: 9/10 Great vitality. All resistance can come up a bit be nice around 500 but not a deal breaker. Looks good

Build: 8.5/10 Hey WW still is one of the most efficient and looks like you could switch to just about any spec with your gear.

Badass: 9/10 Getting over 200k and good defense is not easy. You did it like a champ though.

Critique: I beleive a coupl of imrovements and you will really smoke on that DPS. That EF could use a little higher damage range. At least up to 1k. Attack Speed is that useful. try to squeeze in a bit more to get those ticks off faster. Great looking Barb.
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Tech Junkie.

Offense: 6/10 ( mediocore speed/damage mainhand)

Defense: 6/10 (cool ik armor)

Build: 9.5/10 My favorite build if I do play SC (I don't tho,just use it to test mechanics). Killing spree with those 3 passives, crazy and very effective for SC.

Badass: 6/10

Critique: You main hand could use some extra average damage and probably crit damage. Overall balance defense/ offense. Build is really nice tho.

Extras : @ Frank , too much life without anything to make good use of it (nothing with life% in the build.) Others all good,badass 8.5/10.
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dont know much about hardcore barbs but here i go:

offense: 10/10 over 100kdps is very good for hardcore. That echoing fury is really amazing, i guess it must be worth a ton of gold in HC.

defense: 10/10 nothing to say, proabably u never take any damage.

build: 9/10 very flexible i like it.

badass: 7/10 good hc barb, but i found most hc characters to be quite boring :S

critique: one of the best hc barbs i have seen, u will surely made to paragon 100
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Thanks man. That fury was self found. True ,I don't take much damage,and glad you like my build. 10/10 both? cool.

But because hc boring to you, give me a 7/10 badass rate ya? ..argkh ,haha,np tho,since its ur opinion.Thanks for the comments,appreciate it.

Someone rate this guy :D. Didn't read the rules but my common sense says that I should not rate him since he rated me.

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Thanks for the comment but nothing near mediocre. Guess your entitled to your opinion, cool i guess. MH hard to be beat out without literally hundreds of millions of gold. I really think that is one of the last upgrades I need at the moment. Thanks though for your input.
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offense 7/10 over 100k damage
defense 8/10 nice armor and AR.
build 9/10 very flexible
badass 7/10

all in all a nice barb. think u could use more crit hit chance and possibly exchanging the oculous ring for a ring with +damage, crit change and crit damage.
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Offense: 6.5/10, extremely low crit for an snb barb ><

Defense: 7/10, room for improvement on the lacunis and gloves

Build: 7/10, frenzy with maniac might be better for single target dps (as compared to bash/punish)

Badass: 7/10, you probably look goofy in ice climbers :p

Critique: Room for improvements in every slot. Rares might give better value than the low-end legendaries you have on, give those a shot!
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OFFENSE: 10/10
+ amazing stacked average damage bonus from rings and amulet
+ godly crit damage and crit chance
+ high mainhand damage with terrific supporting offhand (huge strength and CD boost)
+ strong IK chest and gloves
- Needs 24 movement speed ASAP (to enhance WWnado)
- Needs more attack speed ASAP (to enhance WWnado)

+ superb resistances and EHP total is fantastic
+ respectable lifesteal (2.7+2.3 = 5.0% lifesteal) at your 236k dps is sufficient for MP10 reflect elites.
- You have enough crit chance to consider switching Overpower Killing Spree to Rend/Bloodlust or Rend/Lacerate. Because you have assymetrical dual-wield setup. Specifically, your mainhand does the main damage (1168dps + ~65 average damage boost) while your offhand does very low damage. Therefore, you should capitalize on skills that use only the mainhand damage, the paradigmn of which is Rend.

BUILD: 9/10
+ Classic WWnado build.
- As mentioned above, consider using Rend/Bloodlust or Rend/Lacerate to capitalize on your assymetrically high mainhand weapon.
- I noticed you are using Animosity and Instigation. I don't think this is a wise decision because Fury Generation should not be a problem for WWnado barb. Against big mobs, fury will always be full. Against individual enemies, you should use a single target skill such as Bash Punish or Bash Clobber. Animosity should be switched to Bloodthirst or even Brawler. I think it's largely wasted because for the moments when you really do need fury (large mobs) you will definitely have plenty of fury anyway (i.e. Animosity is overkill when you really need it).

BADASS: 10/10
+ 85 paragon, nuff said :)

+ Focus on getting 24 Movement Speed, which should essentially be a requirement for all WWnado barbs, period. Specifically, consider going Inna's Temperance + Lacuni's combo. That way, you can get a better deal on insane +strength Ice Climbers that don't have movement speed.
+ Consider switching your mainhand to an Echoing Fury for that +0.25 attack speed = which 25% bonus attack speed to your offhand TOO!
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This thread is sticking by the rules much more so then the last one. Keep up the good work, guys.

I updated and cleaned up the OP a little.

Important addition:


Unfortunately if the rules aren't followed there would be a lot of skipped players who took the time to critique somebody else. What I can advise you is to ask the next critiquer if they can critique your Barbarian in ADDITION to whom ever is rightfully next, which then would be solely up to them.

Also, start using the additional critiques! There seem to be many here that deserve a Godliness (although I don't think anybody is a 10 yet) and Statwh0re critiques.

Used your critique as an example!

Your Barb is looking sick! Huge upgrades from last thread. If you're a 6 in the badass department then most of us are 1's...

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I am a DH want to be Barb. Hope this review is ok in that I am still learning the barb!

Offense: 10/10
• Excellent damage at 222K+ even with a SOJ. WOW!
• AS is at 78% so you WW barb must be a blur in the fight.
• LS is good a 6 with that high of damage.
• CC and CD is amazing
• Good MS at 24

Defence: 8/10
• Armor is good at 6036, and life at 46.4K
• AR seems to be a little low if I added it up correctly.

Build: 9.5\10
• Great on damage with good LS and MS.
• I like how the gear comes together to complement each other
• I believe the AR seems to be a little low.

Badass: 9\10
• Butt kicking damage and at P41 just awesome.

Final Remarks:
• Great offensive build with a very good defense to go with it. You have a lot of respect from me here.

If my review is subpar, please skip me and redo Castablanca.
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Offense: 8/10 Good offense but I would swap out the solemn vow its giving fake DPS, your offhand should be a stat stick the actual dps of the weapon doesnt matter much you would be better off with a crit/socket combo weapon with stats and life steal. I'd probably sell the amulet too and try to get a cc lacuni.

Defense: 10/10Really good STR level, tons of all res you have some to give up if you want to make upgrades so thats always good. Really jealous of your boots.....since I refuse to wear IceClimbers.

Build: 5/10 Your DPS looks high enough that 6 percent Life Steal should be enough, I run MP10 Ubers with just 6 percent, I would say swap out that healing skill Reveal for something else, maybe the one that boost you CC by 10 for 6 seconds that would def add a ton of DPS. Also get rid of blood funnel thats a big NO NO for WW Barbs and you dont need the extra healing with your stats, blood funnel limits the amount of twisters you can put out since you don't move at movement speed, you will not catch any WW Barbs using that skill.

Badass: On a badass scale I'd say your around 6-10.

Critique: Theres only a few things like I said that you have to swap around to be really really excellent the offhand is one, dps doesnt' matter for WW Spec don't know if you run HOTA as well b/c thats were offhand DPS really matters. For WW get like I said crit/socket as a base start then add on stats maybe Lifesteal and as much STR as you can afford b/c your vit looks fine, and def swap out the skills I said to much healing for your stats you don't need it no way your limiiting your effectiveness, overall your gear is very good just need some slight tweaks to the skills and and smaller tweaks to the gear to get a "o !@#$" barb.
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@Dangermouse. I am never going to buy Inna's pants because it will force me to start paying more for items with all res where I don't need it. They can't have all resistance and vitality on them so why would I sacrifice AR for more life? It seems counter intuitive. I plan on keeping bloodthirst as a passive until I am a billionaire because weapons with lifesteal and decent crit damage cost way more than they should. Like, hundreds of millions more than they should.
As for 24% movement speed, I only use WW with this gear when I am farming keys. I have a 5 piece IK set I use for farming where I have 24% movement speed. I also use HoTA for ubers and MS isn't important for that.
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%%SKIP ME %$
I'm with Xen0n...but only b/c I refuse to wear baby blue pajama pants lol. Got mine for 40mil couldnt be happier.
%% SKIP ME%%
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12/21/2012 12:43 PMPosted by MurphyAZ
If my review is subpar, please skip me and redo Castablanca.

Excellent review! Thanks. I agree 100%, my resists are weaksauce :)
12/21/2012 12:43 PMPosted by MurphyAZ
I am a DH want to be Barb. Hope this review is ok in that I am still learning the barb!

I was right in your boat a few months ago. I switched from a P45 legacy nat DH (250k dps) to a hybrid Throw Barb. A lot more fun to play than DH, imho.

@MurphyAZ (bouncing off on MASKOAA)
OFFENSE: 9.75/10
+ 3100+ strength = Godly stats.
+ Respectable CC+CD, and decent attack speed.
- Totally concur with MASKOAA's advice about the Solemn Vow and Mara's. Those are 2 slots where you have opportunity to load up more CD. With that said, strength-wise, those 2 pieces are actually pretty nice.
+ very nice Depth Digger + IK boot combo. I usually recommend Inna's + Ice Climbers, but in your situation, the massive strength bonus and complementary vit is essential to your 3000+ strength barb. Stick with this. Looks good.
- If there's one stat you should now work towards, it should be attack speed. Your Echo +0.25 is excellent.

DEFENSE: 10/10
+ superb resists, EHP, and enough lifesteal (including bloodthirst)
+ also agree with MASKOAA, Ice Climbers are FUGLY as FUG

BUILD: 6/10
- COMPLETELY AGREE WITH MASKOAA. To rephrase his good points: You have enough lifesteal to drop Blood Funnel and Revel. MASKOAA is right on target.
- Also, bouncing off of MASKOAA's suggestion of changing Revel to Killing Spree, I also think this is a great idea because your base CC is borderline. Definitely go Killing Spree.

BADASS: 9/10
+ only P27 and already above 200k, very nice. This only means you will naturally get even stronger as you paragon level. Although with diminishing returns because most of your dps comes from your strength stat. Work on that attack speed.

I love the fact that you are an expert DH and want to have an equally godly Barb.
That's a deadly and fun combo on D3. It seems your playstyle would be well suited to drive a Weapon Throw Barb.

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