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Critique the Barb Above You V2 (READ RULES)


Offense: 5/10
Everything is too low, though I suppose the 30% (it's capped) elite damage makes up for it a bit.
That is a great sword you have though.

Defense: 5/10
That HP is terrifyingly low, resists look decent though

Build: 7/10
Safe, common, trustworthy build.

Badass: 6/10
Your barb doesn't have that oomph factor, I guess it's cool that you're sword and board.

Critique: Your item set needs a huge revamp, the only things I would keep are the sword, shield, jewelery, pants, and shoulders.
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No doubt most of your comments are right, but regarding my health... The gear set you graded still had an EHP of 950k, that's more than your 850k. So even with only 37k health, my survivability is still quite high. This is due to the block and additional armor, which is the advantage to using the shield over DW. I've switched my gear to my "better", non farming, set for you to see. Also, do you really not like my boots? I know i lose 3% movement speed, but they are pretty awesome I think. Also I think the pants kinda stink..

BTW I love your bracers and boots. Pretty sweet.

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Offense: 9/10 Nice damage and CC to CD ratio. Some awesome gear that has some great str roll on it

Defense: 9.5/10 Nice vitality+AS to cover for low LS. Seems like you can soak a lot with your build.

Build: 9/10 Cool build with the use of rend for higher MP I assume.
Badass: 9.5/10 ...love your followers gear too.

I just started playing again so I'm sorry for not very detailed insight. It looks like a barb that many can aspire to in order to clear ^ MP. Do you have an even higher dps set for paragon leveling?

Whoever looks at my barb, I have about 120m to spend to upgrade and can sell my current gear to have about ~210m to spend. Thanks!
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@@@SKIP ME@@@

**SKIP ME ***

I think everyone should be linking their diabloprogress profile for critiques instead of their battlenet profiles.

The number of people that ive seen with inflated dps (far above their base unbuffed dps) on this thread so far is laughable. People are obviouslly deliberately logging out with battlerage, WOTB and/or frenzy shrine....

***skip me***

Not everyone can be # 49 in North America
10/10 btw
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Offense: 7/10 Nice damage but your CC is kinda low. I think you bought my Echoing fury....

Defense: 7/10 Kinda low vitality.

Build: 8/10 Barb. What not to like?

Badass: 7/10 i think both you and i need more dps. LOL
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Offense : 6/10. I think you need to find a better set of weapons.

Defense : 8/10

Build : Do I really have to comment on this? Pretty much every barb I see runs the same build :D

Badass : 8.23123/10
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Offense: 7/10 You can definitely upgrade your EF, i would try and get attack speed on your jewelry, try to find maybe a sword, dagger or even a axe with similar stats to your offhand to raise your attack speed. Upgrade your gems. Save up for a mempo with crit.

Defense: 4/10 I would definitely try and get a lot more all resist, try find find gear with more base vit, and also try other defensive stats such as reduce damage from elites/ranged/melee.

Build: 5/10 Cookie cutter ww build so not much to elaborate on.

badassness: 6/10 You have a good start but lots to work on, mainly boosting you're ehp

Here is my diablo progress for the person that critiques me.
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Offense: 9/10 Great DPS, attack speed, crit, all the pieces are there. Couple of things I might change specific to your build. First a LS EF might up that speed quite a bit. I also think you could go a little higher in damage range on your MH. The higher spread would help with HOTA. Neither cheap but where you going to go?

Defense: 9/10 Everything here looks great. AR is good Vitality is good. Maybe a bit more armor if you were to bump up anything.

Build: 10/10 Nice build. efficient and works best at your level of gear. thinking of popping over to that side myself.

badassness: 10/10 Doesnt get much better. Afraid there isnt too many places for you to go. but honestly you should be doing any content at any time easily with your build/gear. Nice looking barb. Slide me that helm. Come on you miss the challenge, slide it over.
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Offense: 9.5/10 Truly awesome. I'm sure you'll think of something to get you over 200k DPS. Perhaps some more AS - makes the game so much more fun. Although I'm sure you already sacrificed some of it for your high CC which seems to be the most important stat for the build.

Defense: 8.5/10 Very similar to mine. I recently started farming MP5 and quickly realized how much my defense, in regards to life and perhaps even AR, just isn't cutting it for some of the champ packs, especially RD. Although your 8.6% LS must make your life easier. Does it help against RD? 'Cause they're kicking my !@# and I have no idea what to do.

Build: 10/10 I started using Onslaught as well - very fun, especially against single targets and love that there's no KB. Are you able to generate fury fast enough with your AS? I couldn't use any other rune besides Instigation before I increased my AS since I wasn't able to generate fury fast enough to sustain or even start-up WotB - getting me killed at times.

Badfish: 10/10 Bradley Nowell would've been proud.

I bookmarked your profile from the last thread to use as a reference from time to time. It gets disappointing when I realize that I have quite a ways to go before I'm at your DPS level.
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@ Aeternam

Offense: 7/10 Good solid 155k DPS showing. My quick math shows you at 2.40 APS, which means a bit more could gain you another breakpoint.

Defense: 8/10 Armor and resists both in the "solid" range. Nothing extraordinary, but certainly enough EHP to keep you in good stead. 44k HP also sounds sufficient. LS only on the belt is a bit of a weakness.

Build: 8/10 Onslaught probably isn't the best rune for Bash for a WW build. Bloodthirst is a necessary evil since you don't have much LS from gear.

Badass: 7/10 Good grind-em-up barb, but there's a limit to how badass a WW build can be. It's cookie-cutter + kiting; not saying it doesn't work great, but just doesn't scream "Wraaaaaaah! I'm gonna crush you!"

Critique: Could use some LS on at least one weapon. Sun keeper is a bit of an odd choice for mainhand, but you've got a good one at least. Offhand gem ought to upgrade to 100% when you find the gold. Might want to keep plugging away at hellfire rings to see if you can snag one with CC/IAS.
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Upgrade gems asap lol
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Offense: 9.5/10 Solid DPS you have.. That is a sweet Axe.

Defense: 10/10 Great Armor and EHP. Seems like we both survive on 2.7% - 3.0% Lifesteal.

Build: 10/10 We both run the same build except Warcry for you.

Badass: 10/10 Greatly Balanced Barb. Nice to meet another SnB barb..
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Have you guys tried running with Hota reduced shields instead of stormshields?
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Nope not yet. Actually never thought of using reduce shields as I prefer the mitigation i get from stormshields. I do not have to worry about fury as i will still use frenzy to build up the damage which in turn gives me fury. And with high enough CC, fury hardly runs out, especially with WOTB activated.
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I have LS on my weapon which frees up animosity passive, No need for reduce hota I am always full fury
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Just curious cause I have this shield.


I use it sometimes but I find a weapon with life steal boosts my survivability more than a shield does.
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I do agree with you that a weapon with life steal seem to work better for me at least.Also add a SOJ and with the cold effect it slows down all the mobs.
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Offense: 9/10. well balanced, not much room for improvement.

Defense: 6/10 definitely your weak point. very low life, low resists. your dps can probably carry you through mp10 ubers no problem, but i see you dying a lot if you dont have buffs from teammates or a cm wiz limiting incoming damage. if you're on magdha/king, 1 hit from the butterflies timed with a king slash would be lights out. gotta balance dps and defense. anybody can stack high strength and be a glass warrior.

Build: 6/10. standard ww, don't like overpower. you're much better off with a skill like rend or hammer that provides extra utility on top of just whirlwinding through everything. with your high dps, rend/lacerate would eat through mobs in a hurry, or hammer smashes would eat through elites faster than nado spam. also, why use punish if you're not going to use a big single target attack? stopping your ww/nado spam to throw in a bash every couple of seconds hurts you more than it buffs your dps. the only reason you should use bash/punish is for elites or ubers when you can hammer/hammer/hammer/bash/hammer/hammer/etc, or for a big 3-stack rend dot and that sort of thing. punish should never be used just for whirlwind/sprint.

Badass: 8/10. pretty standard gear, vile wards are ugly as hell. the full black set with mempo looks pretty nice, though.

Critique: seems like another person who just rmah's as much dps as possible and doesn't look to balance the set or have much knowledge of the class. like i said above, bash/punish is just bad for a pure ww/nado build, and overpower is an awful skill all-around unless you're using it for the defensive reflect rune (and even then, there are much better options).

Overall: 8/10. definitely better than most, but still a lot of room to balance out offense and defense and use optimum skills for true dps output and efficiency.
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The number of people that ive seen with inflated dps (far above their base unbuffed dps) on this thread so far is laughable. People are obviouslly deliberately logging out with battlerage, WOTB and/or frenzy shrine....

but logging out with wrath/br isn't inflating your dps. that's how much you do your runs with. wrath and br have a 100% uptime.

i agree if people log out with other buffs like frenzy shrine or group buffs, but wrath/br dps is your actual dps.
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