Diablo® III

Critique the Barb Above You V2 (READ RULES)

@JHarv (John)

Offense: 10/10

Your offense is great. Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage on every possible item. I was looking for some IAS but you have the +0.25 from the Echoing Fury and the pants so have got that covered. You have the higher roll of strength on almost every item.

Defense: 10/10 Your Armour is about 6k. It seems pretty standard in this thread. You got 500 All Resist which is again standard. You have great Life Steal, good vitality with +Life on almost everything. Solid Defence.

Build: X/10 I can't really comment much on builds. I am just getting back into this game and looking up WW. You seem to have WW running with HOTA. Haven't heard of HOTA until recently. Whatever it is, you seem to be working well with it.

Badass: 10/10, Nothing more to say.

Critique: I can't say there is much to improve if anything. You seem to have all the bases covered. A+ Barb.
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@ Aeternam

Offense: 7/10 Good solid 155k DPS showing. My quick math shows you at 2.40 APS, which means a bit more could gain you another breakpoint.

Defense: 8/10 Armor and resists both in the "solid" range. Nothing extraordinary, but certainly enough EHP to keep you in good stead. 44k HP also sounds sufficient. LS only on the belt is a bit of a weakness.

Build: 8/10 Onslaught probably isn't the best rune for Bash for a WW build. Bloodthirst is a necessary evil since you don't have much LS from gear.

Badass: 7/10 Good grind-em-up barb, but there's a limit to how badass a WW build can be. It's cookie-cutter + kiting; not saying it doesn't work great, but just doesn't scream "Wraaaaaaah! I'm gonna crush you!"

Critique: Could use some LS on at least one weapon. Sun keeper is a bit of an odd choice for mainhand, but you've got a good one at least. Offhand gem ought to upgrade to 100% when you find the gold. Might want to keep plugging away at hellfire rings to see if you can snag one with CC/IAS.

Thanks for the honest review. Yeah I'm totally digging my new my attack speed at the moment, but will definitely try to increase it even more so down the road. I'm going to be using the Sun Keeper until I reach a higher plvl for the MF boost. Otherwise, I can't wait to replace it with something that has a little more oomph.

Changed my build to have Rend - Bloodlust and now I don't die at all, especially with Bash - Instigation. A quick swipe of bloodlust right before I enter a mob is all I need, even against nasty affixes like RD + Health Link.

Regarding the Hellfire ring, I'm looking for good CC/IAS ones, but it's going to be tough to replace my current one.
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**SKIP ME ***

I think everyone should be linking their diabloprogress profile for critiques instead of their battlenet profiles.

The number of people that ive seen with inflated dps (far above their base unbuffed dps) on this thread so far is laughable. People are obviouslly deliberately logging out with battlerage, WOTB and/or frenzy shrine....

***skip me***

I see your point, but if you really think about it this thread isn't about DPS bragging rights. It's for those who want a critique and the critiquer should themselves check out the actual DPS on a site like diabloprogress for a more legit critique. If somebody wants a critique of their completely buffed Barb then it's their problem. They're only fooling themselves. And sometimes people even log out fully buffed by accident because they were in a hurry - I've done it myself.

***SKIP ME. Pendragon should be next****
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