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Frame Stuttering - Again....

Just recently I have started playing public games. Before this past week, I played strictly solo. Now that I am in public games, I am getting 5-8 second screen jumps (screen freezes and then picks up 5-8 seconds later).

It always comes back. However, it is becoming increasly annoying. I read this has been an issue in the past and I tried all the fixes recommended in the stickies with no luck.

I am curious is any progress has been made on this issue or if maybe there is something I did not try.

My system specs are below and I have no heating issues that can be detected.

i7-2700K @ 3.5Ghz
Win7 64 SP1
OCZ Vortex 4 SSD

UPDATED: Corrected this issue by enabling VSync and unchecking both boxes that limited frame rates in the fore/background.

UPDATED: Still happening, just less frequent but longer lock ups.
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My god I am having this same problem... Up to 15-20 seconds especially when I first enter an area... Going into boss fights is just making me go insane

Usually gets better after a bit but it happenes through every doorway I take so it gets VERY annoying VERY fast

16gb ddr3
Crucial SSD

I was playing just fine last night so idk what happened
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Wow... I just went into act3 and the problem is massively worse... I cant even fight a small pack of mobs without freezing for 3/4 of the fight
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Only thing I have noticed is Diablo 3 seems to be eating up a single ciore. I see another user posted the same thing and said it fixed itself... mine has been ongoing for days now.
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Ok, so I think I got it. Just ran Act 3 in public games without incident.

Uncheck both boxes limiting FPS (back and fore ground). Also got rid of my micro stuttering.
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I lied. Started again this morning. This time it happened for longer and only one time during an Act 3 public game. It was more like 20 seconds this time.

To test, I did several solo Alk runs and nothing. Not one lock up. Overall, the unchecking of limiting the frames in fore/background have gotten rid of the micro stuttering but the game still seems to lock up and then catch up seconds later.
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