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Selling Un-ID legendaries vs. a stagnant econ

So just started playing a bit after a long time off. Spent about 6mil on the crappy gear I have, but have managed to hit 2.74 and 50CC, albeit with low DPS. No biggie, 6mil was all I had.

Found some Lacunis which I promptly sold for 8mil un-id'd. Also have an EF un-id'd in my stash that can net me 15 mil. Just looking at the market over the past week or so that Ive been back, it just seems like items (even godly ones) arent moving at all.

Granted, 15 mil wont buy me anything special, but its nice to have some pocket money just in case something pops up. Guess if I had a point, it would be that even if I ID my items and they turn out good, Im wary of even being able to move them.

Now, Im pretty much stickin with CM/WW, I like the build. And obviously if I found a signature CM/WW set item (Chant, Nat, BT the list goes on) I'd take my chances and ID the thing. But Im not even sure I'd use the Echoing Fury even if it was good. (Guess I could potentially roll back to 2.5AS but meh)

The AH just seems loaded with 100mil+ items that sit for weeks. Seems like a really tough time to come back and try to upgrade. Anyone else in a similar boat?
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Yeh the economy is retarded. And the people who make crazy money flipping items are the ones willing to gamble on the unids. Idk if its profitable for anyone, i guess it must be...but i had a guy offer me 35m for a unid tals neckpiece i found a few weeks ago. I rolled and sold for 500k instead. if you really want to make money, id say selling unid is the way to go. if you just want to enjoy the game, id say roll the dam thing.
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i think less people are playing... the only ones left are already godly lol
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I've haven't really upgraded my wiz gear in months, especially with how fast gear is going down in value.
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12/29/2012 06:57 PMPosted by Zeus
i think less people are playing... the only ones left are already godly lol

It was my opinion that the less players were getting more legends/hour and this would even out the legends/day coming into the game.

It seems thats not the case. There really arnt very many new supergodlies coming into the game. The top players are just trading around all the same items with very little exception of 'new' blood coming into the game.

Which is part of the problem. With the knowledge that so few legends (relatively) are coming into the game nowadays, people on the top are actually more willing to spend ridiculous amounts for best in server items, cause the chance of one better appearing anytime soon is near 0. This is actually causing prices of these items to go up, even while one step down in quality are crashing at breakneck speed.

I'm honestly surprised unids would be worth such an amount. I would have excepted a tenth of the value you listed.
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Yeah Shand, there are tons of ppl with price listings for un-id'd legendaries in the trade forums. I was surprised myself to be honest.
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