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(X-Y) damage +Minimum display error

when displaying X-Y with +max causes average damage to be higher than displayed

a 29-58 ring is listing on the AH as 58 average damage, an average equivilant to the max roll

screen of it http://content.screencast.com/users/TorbQA/folders/Jing/media/fbb63015-c190-4d2b-ac91-71b70fb862e9/2013-01-01_1219.png

I think what happens is the range 29 - X rolled with a +Y max modifier, final max is tracked X+Y = 58

imagining 29 - 15 with a +43 maximum damage

game tracks minimum +29 and also rolls a RNG between 15-43 for the max separately
so when creating a sum of damage on weapon we have 29 + (15-43) which functions as 44-72 and should be displayed accordingly imo

a player will not realize that 29-58 can function as a range of 44-72 unless it is displayed as 44-72

sorry I did not get a screen of the average, this hover-over blocks the number so it would have been a separate screen
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this displays as 84 average

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If you have a X-Y roll and +max roll it would be the first one I've ever seen.

I've been trying to get Blizzard to acknowledge the X-Y and +min bug but they haven't yet.

Reposting a reply I made to another thread on the topic:

Items can roll both min-max damage and +min damage (maybe +max also but I haven't seen one yet). When this happens the tooltip does not show the +min value. Only the tooltip is bugged. The damage is calculated correctly everywhere else.

You can see its bugged two ways:

If you use the ring to search for similar on the AH you will see that the average damage doesn't add up to what the tooltip says. The number the AH shows is the real average damage.

For example my monk has a bugged ring. The tooltip says +17–34 Damage but the AH says the average damage is 33.

The second way will actually show you the missing +min damage prop. You can see it using the D3 API if one of your characters is wearing the item.

I'll use my monk as an example on how to view it.


If you are in Europe change us to eu. Use your battletag and the number on the end you can get by going to your character's profile and looking at the address.

When you view the page you will see a lot of stuff. Find your ring (easiest to search for its name). Look under it where is says "tooltipParams" and there will be a large string. Use it in the address below.


Here you can see the attributes the game shows in the tooltip:

"attributes" : [ "+17–34 Damage", "+44 Strength", "+134 Vitality", "+25 Cold Resistance" ]

However if you look at the raw attributes you will see (among the other props):

"Damage_Bonus_Min#Physical" : {
"min" : 15.0,
"max" : 15.0

"Damage_Delta#Physical" : {
"min" : 17.0,
"max" : 17.0

"Damage_Min#Physical" : {
"min" : 17.0,
"max" : 17.0

Damage_Min#Physical is the minimum part of the damage range.
(Damage_Min#Physical + Damage_Delta#Physical) is the maximum part of the damage range.
Damage_Bonus_Min#Physical is the +min damage missing from the tooltip.

This has been known to players for a while but I haven't seen Blizzard acknowledge it yet. This is also where some of the confusion of missing props on legendaries comes from.
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Yes! I had reproduced your answers as well and concluded the same (took me longer)
+min gets hidden

in the case of the first ring 29-58
29-58 with +14 minimum hidden

29 + 14 to the minimum rolls
(14 minimum +58) to the maximum
43-72 = 57.5 displayed as 58

damage ranges should therefore display as
(min+x) to (max+min+y)

where x and y are the values that yield a range x-y
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great post

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