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Curious: Anyone using Bul-Kathos Set?

Any successful Barb builds using the Bul-Kathos set? I understand that these are not the best weapons in the game, just curious to see someone's profile using them and what DPS they're able to achieve given the rest of their gear is pretty good.

If anyone could provide any links to older threads or profiles that would be great. Thanks.
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I use them and like them. Successful? Don't know if I am successful or not, I am not "farming" MP10 or anything but I do key runs and ubbers on MP7 and 8. I usually farm MP4 and 5 for drops and MP2 or 3 for experience which I really don't care too much about because I have seen the difference for my guy at paragon 100 and it really isn't that much more stats so I am a little slow on lvling. I know and have seen people with the time I have which is 617 hours on the barb that are already 100.

So I guess I am saying....define successful :).
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I've had the set, both weapons with sockets. Played around with them a bit. Decent, but not the best. Axe/mace or even a sword mainhand is better IMO. Warrior's blood can be a decent offhand if you're not bothered by it's slow attack speed.
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Did they drop for you or did you buy them. I was thinking of trying it out but the price is crazy and I never got them to drop. Got my 10th DH and Monk set weapon but never this."":: :( Think I will go with scorn instead. Unless so one here thinks the furry bonus is worth it.
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I have had it drop in Whimsy at MP4 before....no where else though :(.

Oh and I believe the fury is worth it but I believe I am alone in that frame of mind.....but that isn't that uncommon.
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Only time I use these is to sell them on the AH. Whenever I find one with a socket, I know someone will overpay for it.
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I've got one of them, but I don't use it. I want to see if I can get the other to drop. I just love the look of them.
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if you want, i got a nice set for 10mil.
ias/CD/LS/Loh and str. good dps too. i will link in game if interested.
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01/02/2013 11:59 AMPosted by PhatPhoEater
Only time I use these is to sell them on the AH. Whenever I find one with a socket, I know someone will overpay for it.

where do you find them? I never had these drop for me and I had over 20 green weapons drop.
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Hi everyone. Thanks very much for the responses so far. Very intresting takes.
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I have a pair but don't use them for anything above MP2 or 3.
I have a good pair of weapons with a lot of LOH and LS for higher than that.
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This is what I am trying to achieve :) to get a decent pair of bulkathos! I don't really care being the best or getting the highest dps as long I have the pair, I'm happy with it! :D
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