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How to Improve my Wiz

So I'm stumped on what to improve next for my Wiz. I know I can use more LOH, but have no idea what to change to get it. Or if I should focus on anything else. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey. I mean, you're in a tight spot with LoH (no blackthorn pants and no LoH on ammy and no storm crow (b/c of the APOC Force)). You really need to have about 800-1000, esp to survive RD mobs....and electrify to a lesser extent. Maybe wait till the next patch to know what they're doing with RD. regardless, I would think that 400LoH would just be uncomfortable in any situation.

You should also do what you can to get to 2.73 breakpoint. maybe you're just doing the Hellfire ring for experience (which is fine), but i'd get a IAS/LoH/CC ring (more LoH than what you have on your Hellfire) to reach 2.73 AS and 55 CC when you're doing higher MP's or ubers.

Also, I'd suggest dropping some INT on your viles (drop to 190 INT) so you can add STR (up to 200) and same with your Ice climbers (drop below 200 INT so you can add armor (and STR?)). That'll push you armor up toward 4500 and greatly increase survivability. I love being over 5000.

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After reviewing your wiz and if you are a cm wiz, then you are stuck. You really need more armor, more aps and more cc. Inna pants are what's preventing you from upgrading. Get rid (sell them) of your amulet, inna pants and ice climber. Those are really for archon wiz in my opinion. As we have been telling most of the cm wizzes, you gotta get nat boots and ring. Boots come with 500+ armor so it will boost your armor. Both sets will give you 7 more cc so that will give you enough cc. Tal amulet is also really for archon wiz. You have to get IAS from blackthorne amulet. Both sets (pants and amulet) will give you LOH, Armor, AR, and extra 130 Vit (so much more benefit).

I was there once just like your set up. Not ideal gears as a CM wiz unless you can take them to Boozer or Trayen's level Otherwise, with Inna pants, it's really hard.
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Thank you both for your advice, I will be making some changes based on what you have said. It all makes sense.
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