Diablo® III

3.33 aps

anybody ever hit that high? with an ias chantodo of course. is it worth reaching? I been told that 2.73 and 3.01 are big differences, so is it the same for 3.33?
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Check my build. 3.35 ATM

It's pretty cool but I have a "low" dps with this setup. I need to get some AR on my chest piece though. Teleporting in and getting the twisters up real quick is a big advantage.

Unless I can get my dps higher. I find my 2.76 setup to be better.
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could you give a little more feedback then "it's pretty cool" please
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It is great! If you can maintain high AR and armor (mp10). You don't need a ton of LOH and when you jump into a pack getting a bunch of twisters up immediately is very advantages. My down side is I loose a ton of DPS. What kills me with my 600 AR in this set up is the Molton and such.

Overall for 800 AR and 5000 armor it's much cheaper to stick with 2.74.

I would love to see a 3.33 build with 150k and 800 AR.
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Yes i was fortunate enough to have many ppls gear in the PTR and tested everything and no it sucks. Total glass.

2.73 is sweet spot. Build functions well and ur tank. 3 is better if you're rich and want to be semi tank and or lose DPS with ias wand. 3.33 is worthless stat chasing. Can't be tanky period.
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went 3.38; tal armor/inna/legacy zuni trail/chant set/andy; used enchantress/ ammy/rings all ias9/lacuni/gloves

totally disregarded survivability and it didn't work.

oh also stretch time
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Well my gear setup right at this minute. I can survive mp10. It takes longer cause of my dps drop but I can do it. But as the man that can not aim has said. 2.73 is the sweet spot. BUT 3.33 and quick reflex's with teleport and you can be just fine.
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I was under the impression that with more aps that you would proc storm armor more often and diamond skin refreshes faster in which gives you more realistic dps
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That's true, but it will be hard (read: expensive) to maintain DPS and EHP stats while chasing the 3.33 APS breakpoint.
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It's not great and at that point you're sacrificing too much to get it. The difference between 2.73 and 3 was leagues above the difference between 3 and 3.33
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http://www.emetic.org/stuff.jpg <-- been here, still not worth it.
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http://www.emetic.org/stuff.jpg <-- been here, still not worth it.

What a BAWS stats, 65% ChC and 3.4 APS. That is mad CM proc.
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LoH recovery is unbelievable at that level, but the eHP hit you take it getting there makes it pretty dicey. MP10 Ubers with full SNS is doable without dying (I'd just finished doing one 10 mins ago in that screenshot), but that margin of safety you have with better mitigation is gone.
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Hi there,

been running 3.33 aps, 450+k ehp and 121dps.

i feel it hit better, shorter wind up and of cse hp come back faster for loh.

not too sure how to describe it but there is a difference between 2.73 n 3.33. but thats jus my view. my mates tried on these 2 spd but claim there is no difference though.

check out aimless post though, what he said make sense .. dps is quite difficult to go up with gears of this spd. took a lot of time to hunt them down ... even had to sell my dh for the gear.

u jus have to be patience and find the right stuff to put together.

btw i jumped from dh, didnt look back lol ... ppl here are better, more willing to help.

my report. cheers :P
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I can max out to 3.37 aps, but most of the time I stay 3.03 with decent loh
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I never noticed a difference at any of the breakpoints above 3.0 except in LoH recovery.
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