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You don't have the Right.... To be Angry...

I did not read this at the time it came out.


As I read through the issues I felt like I was watching a sad movie and the bad guy wins at the end.
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I did not read this at the time it came out.


As I read through the issues I felt like I was watching a sad movie and the bad guy wins at the end.

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You have no right to complain, some say. For those of us still here from release (or rather more specifically, I alone, risking account) say:

This is what lead to us being upset. This is a semi-chronological ordering of why we are so upset, take it or leave it. I attempted to link the related articles or posts, to allow both sides (x elites killed vs x elites killed) to come to better understanding of each other.

Please CM's If you have read this far, know this only. I do this not to incite rage, but to prove a point. Yes, they are your forums, and your CoC's. But this is about healing the community. The purpose of this is to get it alllll out on the table, from the point of view of the most furious and trolly of us.

This answers what I believe holds the key to repairing the issues of the community, and through this summation, perhaps we can make your job a little easier. In some ways, we have (the community and CM's) have been through a war that needs to end, and instead of menial bickering, perhaps we can come together in fresh nastalgia, through the lense of "oh right do you remember when that happened, man i was so upset".

This is also dual purpose most importantly, in that the community can finally compare then and now, to appreciate the (few) great ideas the community created and were passed on and implemented.

And for you CM's that don't delete this (i hope all of you), this is the answer you must ask yourself every day at work when reviewing the spewed hate, day after day....
the question of....

I will do my best to keep this unbaised (which i know of course is not true), and the bias I attempt to keep clearly marked in ()'s. There is sarcasm contained, not hate, not threats, just sarcasm, Which hopefully CM's and forum members will appreciate rather than judge. The opnions are my own.

TL;DR: This is where I feel I have been let down in terms of
RMAH > Gameplay,
Lack of Testing,
Promises unmet.

This is my opinion.

The only truth contained is the actual goings ons relevant evidence.

1.1 Removal of Companions (for gold pickup) Pig, snake, etc

1.2 Stash Size Shrunk (cause hard drives are expensive)

1.3 Xp Radius (also note how she mentions how garbage radius pickup is)

2. Runestones Removed

3. Fatalities Removed

4. No PVP at Launch

5. Mystic Removed before launch

6. Nephalum Cube & Cauldron of Jordan

7. Bashiok Defends Monk Animations (lol fists)

8. Claim of Building Clan Support

9. The first Diablo 2 wasnt so great at release post

10. "Perfectly Executed" and "Doubled it"

11. Error 37 (what more needs to be said)

12.1 Inferno Being insane at release (for some classes)
12.2 Lack of Loot Dropping v1
12.3 Voice Acting / Cutscenes

13. Rubberbanding (still prevelent for some)

14. No patch notes for ninja nerfs (Hotfixes) until specifically petitioned
(dont even try to claim this was the devs listening to the community, who updates a 7 million player game (not to mention that advanced tooltips arent default on) without issuing patch notes... Ever see wow without them?)

15. Nerfing of Chests to Drop Crap (Literally just whites)

16. Nerfing Breakable Object Gold Drops (making 3mil an hour actually farming AH... nope)

17. Not updating tooltips during major patches to reflect changes...

18. Barb and Wizard invincibility Glitches - Reported in the first days of release on bug forum, not fixed until the masses found out (great for RMAH sales)

19. Legendary AIS broken, IAS works.

20. Legendaries as a whole not legendary

21. 1.0.3 Nerf to IAS by 50% - After RMAH sales, because of alleged stress on servers

22. Unid Exploit - To sell only crap unid items and keep good ones

23. INSANE repair costs - 1.0.3

24. 2.8 Trillion Builds - but only a few actually viable (see nerf to 'melee' Demonhunter)

25. Followers Cannot be set to passive, goodbye goblins

26.1 Massive Account Comprimise, including secret question. Always on Drm ineffective (Hey, at least they salted... I hope)

26.2 Bid Price Buyout exploit (reports still on forums every day)

27. Duping. See: absurd gem price drop

28. Gold spam, in game, in friend requests, and still to the this day on EU forums.

29. Trade Windows Scams

30. The nonstop Xfire posts about declining players (whether accurate or not, the defense used at the time of was 'usual dropoff for any new game')

33. Bashiok - "Aren't You thankful" - i still lol

32. Admission there is no end game - 3 weeks later (and since rarely posts on d3 forums)

33. Mike Morhaime post - Not addressing any of the major issues most talked about on forums

34. 2-3 Weeks of no CM posts and then first post concerning more issues from 1.04, cats. (most likely in anticipation of pandawow and avoiding fallout from previous weeks and patches turmoil)

35. Inivisible mobs still and issue in hardcore
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyr1RbiZkwA (earliest record i could find)

36. Brevik Insult by D3 team (and honestly, what JW was probably said in sarcasm, its the others that were more inflammatory in my opion)

37. 2x 2 Handers being equipped (yay dps, also most likely in game since release)

38. Loot Data - 99.83% of rares salvaged (for lack of quality) - (some may argue that availability of top end gear vs release, some may argue the same in diablo 2 at release, etc etc. The main point I wish to make is that it is only 0.17% away from 100%)

39. Selective Deletion of Threads - This is not an attack on the CMs, this is in reference to the EU forums which are still plagued most days with spam gold posts making the US CM's jobs even more difficult from the overflow.

40. Pvp blog delayed until after christmas when it was seemingly done in november (whether beurocracy or insideous marketting, it looks bad. End of story)

Nerfs to classes (not complete by anymeans, and not overal damage reduction related)



Nerf: Tranquility - Hotfix - May 18, 2012
Nerf: Tranquility - Patch 1.0.2 - v. May 29, 2012
Nerf: Boon of Protection

Demon Hunter


Nerf: Smoke Screen (Heaven forbid a caster do inferno solo)
Nerf: 'Melee' build no longer viable with stun grenades - 1.0.3



Nerf: Energy Armor (low hp + EA = push dps without worry about hp)
Nerf: Damage Cap on Diamond skin
Nerf: 1.05.... ask any wizard that isnt archon
Nerf: Ask any CM wizard since release (still viable considering the inflation and price of gear going down so much)

Witch Doctor

Mana issues since release, improvements, but large build limitations as a result still
Nerf: Follower range to attack adjustment, also made pet builds no longer viable in inferno at equal level (mp2 post 1.05)
-----These are just the ones I can recall, having had characters at max level given each 'adjustment'-----

In closing, Allow me to just reiterate, this is why and where we feel the developers may (or may not) have let us down, decieved us, made false promises, or neglected to properly test.

Most likely, I will add, as a result of stockholders and board members out of their hands, applying pressure.

One could simple view this as a "how did we get to this level of anger" timeline, to show, in one place, all the places some of us feel as though we have been wronged. I have done my best not to violate code of conduct, please take these as nothing more than factual tidbits to be viewed as a whole. I simply wish to get this out there, and go back to playing. And if just one CM post in this thread is "ok", we will be vindicated in knowing our "minority opinon" (joke from right after release, what are today called haters) is heard.

((This is one of my many alt accounts, No im not going to post my main. No you cannot have my gear. No i dont care about apostrophes and capitalizing i :D))

This is why the game is crap. It has to be obvious now to people with brains that Blizzard has effectively killed this franchise. The only thing that could save this game is a complete overhaul of skills and gear, which would only come in an expansion and that won't be here until sometime in 2014. Blues post that they know the game is broke and Greens post that they hate this game. I see no hope for rescue of D3. R.I.P Diablo
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