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SNS w/ Mocking Demise

I have not had a CM that long and I normally like to try new things so I stacked a good bit of crit chance and have noticed that Shocking Aspect goes crazy when you have a a ton of crit. I normally use Electrify, Tele, or Stretch Time but I decided to give Mocking Demise a try.

It seems to do allot of damage although I am not clear just how much. Anyone have any experience with this and know the specifics of how it works. 2 Explosions, it Crits and the only issue I can find is that it does not have allot of control and the random movement it does although it typically does not move you that far from your original position.

I would really like to hear from some of the better equipped SNS Wiz's out there to get their points of view on this. Especially those with 50+ crit chance
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"Oh you would like to stand away from that 3x stack of desecrator plague pools? Allow me to shuffle you back in to it." -- Mocking demise.

It moves you in unpredictable ways, therefore it is crap.
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Actually, what I have found in my testing is that it resets so much with CM that you move often and so the desecrator/plague pools are not having as much of an effect.

I am not seeing it as crap at all.

I am doing this with 61.50 unbuffed CC.
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It's not about escaping imo it moves you so you lose your position and therefore chainlock, that's the problem. I tried at least 2 builds with mocking demise, just not work with freeze spamming.
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Ehhh the pros are that it breaks freeze and has a nice proc coefficient (good for shocks and LoH). Cons are too big to overcome: it has a cast animation and moves you randomly. With this in mind, it might be useful in place of frost nova when running 2 CMs as long as the other can stunlock.
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Thanks guys. I am having a hard time controlling it. I find that I have some level of stability when I put myself into a corner with a monster in front of me. Shame really, has some potential if it was not for the Animation.
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This has been brought up many times. I some times use many versions of Mocking demise. The problem is that most variants of this build looses too much DPS. Standard SNS still outperforms these.

Some of my variants I run around like a tank and never die. But it takes me up to 5 minutes to kill an elite (MP10)

Never die build:

My variant to include the cold blooded passive:

Variant that Aimless made that out dps's mine. :( lol:

I have used all of these on MP10. Some times i have to turn on crystal shell though.
I'm a little jealous that Aimless discovered the above build instead of me. It kicks !@# with high IAS speeds.
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With Mocking Demise's randomness teleport is a plus. Plus it makes the Demise blow up quicker when you spam teleport.

What Mocking Demise is best known for is proc's with LOH. It's crazy. It is not known for its dps.

If ya want to play some mocking demise games join me. Well jump all over the place and create massive lag which is what mocking demise usually does for me. Lag.
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