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Free Uber Kills (MP10)

01/07/2013 11:43 AMPosted by scrapz

this ^ LOL

it's also hard to try to type a msg to them in game fighting ubers to remind them to leave! didn't you die typing scrapz?! haha

if only you weren't so glassy...

yeah, lol. If I hit enter afterwards it would be like this

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 33 3 Q Q Q Q Q 3Q3Q3Q3Q3Q 4444444 31231231232132132121312311234123123123123124 WTF?!!?

I've done that. Not during a carry (I obviously can't carry yet :P), but in game and wondering WTH XD

That said, I have a friend looking for a carry. He has 4 machines, no one was around last night, at least not posting as such in thread, but he'll probably be looking for someone again later today.
Have 3 machines, friend has 3 machines. Two rings to those who can carry us as a team.
i'd like to be on the list.
I can carry with my barb. currently having my budget weapons equiped for leveling and farming.
I will equip my skorn for MP10. 212K DPS unbuffed.
Looking for a Uber carry please i have 3 machines... I need a ring!!

add Bruiser1#1371 say free carry!
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hey guys if you need another cm wiz I'm always willing to help. mp10 is no problem. I run SNS
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I have 3 machines ready if anyone could do me a huge favor and carry! I'll even tip because you're awesome!

My carrying fee is 10 potions per carry.

I may raise it to 20 potions sooo take advantage guys!
@Violentine and FML

Added you both to the list.
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I'm online for a couple hours if anyone needed help.

online for carry
finally got through all my reqs. online for another hour or 2 if anyone needs a carry (InsuranceGuy#1986)

Looking for a Uber carry please i have 4machines. I need a ring!!
If anyone wants to carry me, message/add SargeDixon#6547. I have 6 machines, so can potentially do 2 runs.
I have 3 machines and looking for carry also, gonna be online for the next 2 hours
My friend and I should have 3 machines within the next 2 hours or so, and we're both looking for a carry. Is a 3man mp10 much more difficult to carry?

oh, just read the OP. Didn't realize we could leave the game and still get loot

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I have 3 machines ready to go right now if anyone is on?

Hey all,

Have 3 machines, wondering if anyone is currently offering help. Thanks in advance!


online for carries in 30 mins. leaving work now
Were doing some now Sivex. Added you.
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