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Free Uber Kills (MP10)

12/15/2012 01:03 PMPosted by Dosu
Thank you Artemiss, Kenny, Vintersorg and Nacrolepsy for the help doing ubers!

No problem Dosu. congrats on your first ring :)
This is all very awesome. Big follower of a lot of you monks who are helping here. Great motivation to stick with it. HandsofDoom, I have your profile saved so I have something to go off of lol. Keep it up. I haven't asked for help (yet lol), but I want to already say thank you to everyone lending a helping hand. I will try and farm some portals after work tonight, then I might hit someone up tonight or tomorrow. Great to see the monk community hopping like this. Two thumbs up!
if ur free i'd love a mp10 uber run, i've done ubers like 8 or so times on 5 -8 and no damn spine got everything else just no spine.
I'm a rather low geared/paragon level (played before the inferno nerfs, mostly doing chest runs) and would love to get a hold of the ring. If you can carry me, if not it's fine. Keep on helping out the monks, it's one reason I got back into the game this board is pretty amazing compared to other class ones out there.
For anyone needing a carry, feel free to add the guys who have posted they can carry. There are a lot of us who can carry (me, simplemath, artemiss, jrdiiorio, etc...). If we don't get you a carry within a day or so, post back and then we will know to add you and we will send a friend request. For anyone that is adding me, you'll need to have machines to open the portals since I don't have anymore machines. I can kill the ubers, but I can't open the portal to access them, that's where you come in. There are 3 sets of ubers so if you want a ring, it will require 3 machines (1 per set of ubers).
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Online now if anyone has 3 portals and needs a mp10 carry. Working with a nice cm wiz at the moment that can perma freeze so the run should be quick and efficient.

Add me ingame Artemiss#1640
hi i would like to offer my services as well :) duhast#1683
count me in :) duketrible#6674
My buddy and I are online now and have 5 portals we would LOVE help!

We can do Mp4 easily and Mp5 is a challenge so anyone that does Mp6 or higher would be awesome to help us do some MP6+ runs!


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I have updated my first post with the btags of the carriers. If you add them, they should be able to help.

If we have missed anybody so far, please repost and we will get to you when time permits. Thanks.
Don't need a carry, but just wanted to drop by and say it makes me happy seeing all the people willing to help others :)
I have 4 machines and would really like to have some help, since my gear is not good at the moment, can anybody carry me? :D
I'm all day for mp10 carries. add me with a msg

@jco310 You can add my tag to the list

I'm willing to help people as well. Syrrah#1463-
I'm online now if anyone has machines and needs a carry in mp10. I can carry 1 or 2ppl with 3 machines alongside one of the other monks here or with one of my friends.

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Thanks for all your help. I plan on adding all you guys in a few hours.

Also, if you are getting too busy, let me know. I'm getting anywhere from 4-10 requests a day and can barely keep up.
bump for the good guy, keep it up, holiday i know you can play more =D
If you decide on wanting to participate, let me know.
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This is amazing and I would love to participate as well. I am in game (I'm a monk) and my friend is a barb (mp5-6 geared) are looking for a hellfire ring run at mp10. Together we have 3 infernal machines.

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