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Free Uber Kills (MP10)

jco, scrapz and anhilator, thanks so much for you help in getting my first hellfire ring! Happy holidays!
can help? Will only be online everyday 8-9pm GMT+8.
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I'l be in touch! Just about have my third machine!
12/19/2012 12:25 AMPosted by fiberbeam
jco, scrapz and anhilator, thanks so much for you help in getting my first hellfire ring! Happy holidays!

looks like a nice roll for you too! i had fun, i've been soloing Alk runs for so long on MP0, it's was a good change of pace doing a group and Ubers on MP10. only died once! LOL!

Anyone still help with the ubers run on MP10? I just completed my 3 mechine.

As long as you have the machines, we can do some runs, no problem. If somebody else does the carry, let me know. I probably will not be on until 9 or so PST.

Edited the day to thursday. Lazar also said he'd help out I will add you and you can let me know. We will have 6 IM's.
I also just finished getting my three machines and would be more than grateful for some helping getting my first ring. I have a wizard pal who also needs the ring badly. Would it be possible for both of us to be in the same group for the uber MP 10 run? If not, just let me know. Thanks in advance for the help!
You guys are awesome
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Thanks guys, sent jco and srapz a FR, hopefully we can make this happen. Yep I have all 3 machines
Il pay for a run, dont have any machines, and havnt done ubers yet :(
Yes, we can carry 2 guys, should not be a problem.

If you don't have any machines, we will try and get a guy who has them and invite you. I don't have any machines at the moment.

Also, I am not on much at all, only 1-2 hours a night. For that reason, you may want to add the guys I listed on my main post, they probably have better availability than me. If you don't mind waiting, I will add you when I am on and get to you as soon as I can.
I am not on much, but I am looking for doing mp10 and I have machines to use so a guy like Solution could tag along as well, just need a couple good players to carry the two of us I suppose. I have no idea how much help I'd be at mp10...

I have 3 machines an am available for carry tonight. I can do MP6 ubers but I'd like to both see MP10 ubers and get a guaranteed hellfire.

you on?
I can help out if need be :)
I generally run mp8, done mp9 once. haven't tried mp10 lol (would be keen to try it out!)

If it helps, I also carry a sledgefist for stunlocking.
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Need some help on uber kills as well.
i have 3 machines available. :)
Scrapz and I are on right now, send requests/messages
i can help carry if any of you guys are short

Big shout out to Xenxei and his warrior friend Dankiness! Xen was super friendly and had the run down to a science. Since we had two people, we simply left after summoning the bosses while remaining in the group. This allowed us to still get the drops but made it much easier on our carries.

Thanks again Xenxei for the run and thanks to the rest of you for making this sub-forum awesome!
I just got carried by jco310, scrapz, and AnHilaTor for my first HF ring. They were awesome. Thanks again.
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