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Drop rates are rigged, decrease over time...

So how come every time a new patch comes out tons of Legendary items drop like candy? Then over time as the AH becomes over saturated with great gear which nobody except gold buyers could afford due to BOTS inflating prices illegally the drops become progressively worst?

It has happened time and time again. Numerous huge threads pop up every time a major patch comes out of people who find 100 times more Legendary drops then they normally would given the amount of time they played.

Currently the AH is OVERFLOWING with amazing gear. The only problem is that the BOTS are inflating the prices so high that only gold buyers could possible afford any of it. It is my personal belief that the AH being supersaturated with good gear is causing less good gear to drop.

Not very long ago Legendary items were dropping at a very high rate, but they were all horrible items. Now it seems like even those are drying up.

Something is definitely fishy here. Blizzard is seriously adjusting variables in real time to try to experiment with the economy. This is all just a big test for them, we are the guinea pigs.

I think their biggest concern right now is testing, experimenting, tuning, and flat out punishing players via their hidden drop NERFS. Why? Simple their next MMO will incorporate a monthly fee AND will have a RMAH AH.

Diablo 3 is nothing more then a test run in unexplored economic gaming territory. If you buy gold on RMAH you are supporting a future of pay 2 win games, instead of play for fun games...

As soon as the Paragon system came out Legendary items were dropping left and right. As I've leveled up I have gotten less Legendary items per paragon level. This makes absolutely no sense statistically as my magic find % has increased, and you need more XP per level...

Another possibility is that if you use the RMAH you gain boosts to your drop rates, or perhaps if you don't ever use RMAH and reach a certain level of uberness they NERF the heck out of your drops?

I am 99.9% sure that if there was a global chart which showed the average Legendary drops for players/time played it would spike very sharply around the time of a new patch and over time would gradually decrease.

Of course it is impossible to isolate this phenomena without data only accessible by Blizzard, but I know for a fact something is wrong. And this does not necessarily mean that it is even intentional. Honestly given the state of this game it may be more likely that the whole system is actually just filled with unintentional bugs which their poor programmers are unable to identify due to Blizzard not giving them full access to all the necessary data.
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inb4 tin foil hat, qq moar and rng is rng
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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know something is wrong.

And yes I fully expect the usual crowd of BOTTERS and profiteering low life AH peddlers to come out in full force denying the obvious.
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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know something is wrong.

And yes I fully expect the usual crowd of BOTTERS and profiteering low life AH peddlers to come out in full force denying the obvious.

Dude, you're super. I'm glad you find yourself really enjoying the game. I mean I didn't read your post, but I can feel the positive vibes. Thank you. Merry Christmas bro :\
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the same number of legendaries drop now as when patch was released. the difference however is that just at patch release you could actually sell the legendaries that were dropping meanwhile now the AH has been saturated with legendaries and most of them are worth a brimstone.
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They don't decrease over time, I logged in a month ago and played for 6 hours and got absolutely nothing. It's just RNG modified by your MF. RNG modified by your MF is still random chance.
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Subjective observation of consistent drop disparity.
Vaguely quantified analysis of aforementioned observations.
Dubious inference to Blizzard shenanigans.
Complete speculation as to the nefarious reason for aforementioned shenanigans.
More wild speculation.

^OP in a nutshell.
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Hey blizzard has to make money too, low item prices = lower ah cuts. But good luck proving anything unless you've got someone on the inside.

The theory that space aliens are manipulating the ah from behind the moon is just as valid. But feel free to continue to run in circles and cry bloody murder.
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there belt

12/22/2012 07:57 AMPosted by Icem
moronic sheeple.

quality d3 forum material.
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So how come every time a new patch comes out tons of Legendary items drop like candy?

They don't.

Took me 5 days post 1.0.5 to get a single legendary drop and I played about 40 hours during that time.

The reverse is also true...we constantly see people complain about weekend ruts with individual posters saying they've found 5-10 legendary drops that day alone.
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HEY!! see that dead horse over there! Let's beat it!!!
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it's clear the game is controlled by the gold sellers
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i got !@#$ss to my drop loks thats 1 legent past tree days and again tree day with nothing and again 1 legend woth 1ml lololol
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This is news to you? we all know, except for the Blizzard defenders and AH elitests, that drops get worse as the AH fills up. That's what has ruined the game and made it unplayable. It's all about farming gold for the AH, or using the RMAH which is a big money grab for Blizzard.

Until the auction houses are gone, D3 is a waste of time
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I am not in the "Paper Hat" thingy but,

since Diablo 3 is born, (D-Day on May 15th)

Every single major patch including change to future drops where led by a rain of legendaries falling all around the world.

Same trend for friends.

Edit: Suggestion to players, salvage your !@#$ drops or vendor them so people can keep getting drops.

Please don't fill the AH/RMAH with crap items.

Thank you
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EU has bether drop rate ofc all item sux but they have much more
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