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Wizard annoyance in Jay Wilson's post on pvp

So let me start by saying I don't care about pvp. Ok that's a lie, I hate pvp and am actively cheering against it. People can have their pvp, but even if they get it it won't make the game any better for the people that think it will.

So naturally in a post about the demise of pvp you'd expect me to don the grinch smile and laugh maniacally. I too expected a chuckle, but something bothered me. I found butthurt in a post where I should have found schadenfreude.

Here is the offending passage:
Putting people into an arena and letting them hurl fireballs and swing crazy-!@# swords at one another always has an element of fun to it.

letting them hurl fireballs


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I think he's talking about hellfire ring
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i think he's talking about meteor..
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Whatever he was talking about the point is valid. Why is it that one of our basic skills is not a fireball? (a simple no AP cost- fire based aoe projectile)
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Shaggy, I'm offended, too. Like why would you write that in your special blog when you already know wizards don't have a fireball like Zoltun Kulle does.


Meteor? Let's not make excuses for Blizzard. Meteor is not a fireball. It is a ball of fire, yes, but it's not a fireball that emanates from your hand and you throw at an enemy. Distinction.
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Wheres our fireball spell???
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We have storm crow so there.
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The Fire Bolts rune for Shock Pulse is SORT OF a fireball.
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12/28/2012 06:39 AMPosted by Shaggy

=( I want fireball + spam teleport like the old d2 days.

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I always wondered why arcane orb didn't have a fireball rune kinda thing. Seems like one of the most simple/basic things to have in there.
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We need moar fire.
It's interesting though to realize they, in fact, killed the wizard gameplay as we knew it from previous d1 and d2 incarnations: teleporting all over the place, hurling FIREballs and taking hits on ressource pool instead of health pool.
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