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MacBook Pro Retina suddenly running slow...

Hi There,

I have been running D3 at full resolution with all setting at high on a 2.6GHz MacBook Pro Retina (16G RAM, 756G SSD, NVidia GT650M with 1G VRAM) for the last 2 weeks and it has been perfect - fast and smooth with no issues. Not sure what framerate I was getting as I didn't know about the framerate counter until today.

As of this morning, it has started running incredibly slowly - 6FPS. No changes to any of the settings - it just runs poorly.

Even if I change the settings down to lower levels it still runs incredibly badly. Nothing running in the background either. Even on the options screen, buttons take a second or so to update.

Any idea what could be causing this? Game has always shown as "up to date", and OSX is also up to date....

Tearing my hair out here....
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Just to add a little more information....

I tried turning off TriLinear filtering in the prefs file - no difference.

I turned all graphical options to low, resolution right down. Slight improvement to 9FPS or so.

Turned all options back up to high and full resolution, turned off Max Foreground Framerate (which was previously set to 60FPS). Now the framerate counter seems to cycle between 3FPS and around 120FPS a few times every second.

The game is basically unplayable. If I fire a weapon, I hear the noise almost a second before I see the animation.... any ideas anyone?
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Tried resetting PRAM and SMC - no difference
Tried repairing disk and file permissions - no difference

Next up...uninstall and then reinstall....
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Damn...now re-downloading the whole game. That's a pain in the !@#.

For future reference, is there any way to create an install disk on a USB key, so when the stupid thing has finished downloading again, I don't have to do it again next time???
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Hi there FatEvilDad. You are currently posting on the PC Tech Support forums. There is a specific Tech Support forum just for Mac users that may be of more use to you. The folks there specialize in your issues. Us PC folks are not so great with Macs :)
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Oh crap.

Big sorries about that. Will take it up tomorrow on the Mac tech support forum.....was wondering why I didn't get any answers.....
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Hi! Can you tell me, you solve this problem? I have the absolute problem too
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Edit: Just saw your other thread you posted. Nevermind on this post.

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I had the same exact issue with the brand new MacBook Pro 15" w/ Retina....

I have same specs as you except I just went with the 500Gb SSHD so that should have no bearing really....

I played full res 2880x1800 for 2 weeks straight and then one day I was getting under 10FPS - REGARDLESS of the settings or res... I fixed this by resetting the SMC as was suggested by another user on this forum and for me it worked!

Please let us all know how you resolve/resolved this issue as it may come up in the future for me too and I'd rather not be pulling my hair out too!
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