Diablo® III

Electric Power paddle build

Just smack things with a paddle and storm armor. Works better then anything else I've tried today.

Tried my new --el cheapo-- build too.

Total gear cost 220k
stun on amulet ,weapon gloves and offhand total 18.6% stun
High all res
No vit
Barely any int
9k health
3500 life regen
Minimal crit damage( too expensive) haha
900 LOH
And a whopping 14 k dps

That's it, now just hold down shift throw some wicked winds Down and hit teleport calamity and that mirror image spell that stuns when you recast it (spam teleport and mirror image constantly) Throw that pretty blue bubble up too for added slow on enemies along with storm armor and you have a cool looking usefull build that will never kill you and permanently stuns.

Passives you will use illusionist (the one that resets the cool down for mirror image and teleport if you take more then 15% damage)
Critical mass and lightning stun one( forgot the name) tried it on mp8 and didn't die. Didn't kill !@#$ either.

So after many hours again of trying a new build I realized all I did was make a crappy variation of a CM wiz.

Thanks blizzard

FYI paddle and storm armor works better

TLDR - another crap build by yori the special Australian

all new horadric hamburger build coming up.
And LEAF BLOWER build with a 3.01 attack speed strong arm bracers and a windforce
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Good for you for trying, anyway. I wanted to try a stacking stun build, but didn't want to invest in a bunch of gear just to have it turn out crappy. Especially after my experiments with the Paralysis passive were so disappointing.
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post a link to skill set
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