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Diablo 3 multi-thread optimized?

I'm interested in improving my performance with Diablo 3. Currently, I'm CPU bottlenecked and would like to fix that by upgrading my CPU. My question is, would bumping up to a quad core net me much performance increase? I know some games, like the recent Battlefield series, are optimized to take advantage of multiple processing threads. A quad core CPU is almost a must for these type of games. But then again, I know there are some games that benefit more from raw CPU clock frequency and not so much physical cores.

So in a nutshell, should I upgrade my CPU to a quad core or just overclock what I have? I'm specifically looking for feedback from Diablo 3 players who have upgraded from dual cores to quad cores :)
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Well I used to have a dual core until it fried a while ago. I got a new mobo and an AMD quad core processor and I can see a fairly big increase in performance is some of the games I play In others I see no change at all. You're right about games like Battlefield 3 almost needing a quad core or more, but for Diablo 3 I think a dual core would be alright overclocked depending on your graphics card.

I would go ahead and buy a quad core processor anyway since they are fairly cheap nowadays and if you plan on doing any gaming with more demanding games then it helps out a lot.

Also I think both frequency and cores go along with each other, you can have a great frequency but a low amount of cores or eight cores and a low frequency and still be no better than a CPU from 2002.
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Well I forgot to mention, this is a fairly old computer. The only games I play on it are D3 and CS:GO. I don't plan on playing any future games until well into next year, which by then I should have a completely new system. I'm basically looking for a cheap bandaid to help boost what I have.

I sensed your answer was rather indirect with respect to Diablo 3. Are you saying you noticed no performance increase when going to quad core?
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D3 will not use quad core but dual core will help a lot. Clock frequency will help more than anything else. If you have a decent cooling setup, consider overclocking. Other tips for reducing cpu usage:

- Set sound channels to 16 or 32. Sound processing is done on the cpu, so the less channels the better.
- Set physics to low. This reduces the natural ragdoll effects but it takes a load off the cpu.
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