Diablo® III

Showcase your first Dueling specs!

Well let's see what you've all got! There should be some fresh ideas floating around considering we have no idea what's actually going to work well.

Going to try my current gear/spec setup that i have now and we'll see how it goes.

-enough fury gen to sprint 100% of the time while DPSing, or running away
-Strong hota attack
-Stunning weapon throw that will also be used in melee if needed to keep people close by
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This is my plan with Skorn. Can't decide between Marathon or Rush for Sprint.
I imagine it will either work exceedingly well, or I'll get bootstomped by DHs immediately.

Double Hammer specs will probably work much better though.
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I'm wondering how useful the super defensive abilities are going to be. If you're in a melee slug fest with somebody, these actually look a lot more powerful than the DPS alternatives, and if you take them all, could potentially just make yourself unkillable.

Anybody with relentless is going to be a total !@#$% to take down, especially if they have a large HP pool, the last 20% could be near impossible at 50% dmg taken.

Overpower Crushing advance could also be a huge game change with enough crit to keep it up a decent amount. Basically 35% less damage taken, while the other guy takes way more.

Threatening shout is also pretty crippling, a whopping -20% damage to the debuffer.
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Survival I think will be key and with that I believe their will be another patch which who knows what they will nerf next. With that said I believe a well rounded build will benefit the most focusing on various methods of regeneration from ls, loh, ra and regen itself. Low ehp but high dps guys might have a problem especially if they have a slow ais. Who knows, and why consider it....they haven't and may never release it :(.

I think ehp is where it is at, I know many are running 1/7 ratio, I try to stick to the 1/10 ratio for my barb (dps/ehp), which also means I may never hit 200K dps....sucking. I use my other characters and followers to "hold" my other stuff. If I break the IK set I will definitely go with nats ring and shoes for the +7 to crit chance. I figure the closer I get to 100% the better, I am sitting in game buffed at 52% with mw and with an axe at 62%....figure that is ok for keeping up wrath.

I think the throw barbs that have perfected their gear will wallop over everyone, IMO :). Too bad I didn't go that route :(.
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EHP especially dodge is the key to get near with a range opponent as well as a bonus to range damage deduction, even if you have 200k+ dps but poor defence, low life, low ehp then you'll be dead and eaten up before you can get your hands on them.
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