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Did diablo 2 have dungeons?

01/03/2013 05:36 PMPosted by MonkeyDLuffy
I didn't play diablo 2 but did they have dungeons and what did diablo 2 have that made it so good? I don't get it? They both had the main object of the game is to farm, so why is diablo 3 bad. people are hypocrites they like farm but hate diablo 3?

Eh? Farming wasn't the only thing in Diablo 2, although it was one of the main ones.
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As someone already said, D2 actually was a social game.

in D3 there are 4 people per game (and no real point on partying) vs. 8 ppl + party being the most effective way to lvl up.

There were named games, trading required actual interaction...
There were channels...

Here you don't even get forum reply notifications...

I have 0 friends since my RL people / the people i added back on 1.0.3 stopped playing (and i only got those because i streamed, now i suck too much to even do that)
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Yes, Diablo 2 had dungeons. OPTIONAL dungeons that hardly anyone played but they were there. D2 came down to running bosses which were mandatory parts of the story so no one ran the optional dungeons.

ex - The Hole in A1, some other dungeon in A4. There were bunches in each act. no one ran them because there were no bosses, or special rewards for running them.
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the ladder made the difference... when the new ladder starts everyone starts playing like the game was just released... players who werent playing anymore would play again because of it... and it was the best item and gold sink ever...
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Diablo 2 was great, but it was lacking in a lot of areas.

Everyone ran baal runs to level and magic find. The average length of a game was under 4 minutes. NV stacks are a big improvement because now we can farm anywhere.

Everyone could teleport thanks to enigma. Really the end of game play was when paladins could teleport. Everyone turned to botting.

There were less usable builds to farm. Hammerdin was best, a few Sorc classes for mfing, and all other classes were a struggle on hell without some insane gear.

And lets not forget, PVP will be here in D3 and they are working to make it better than in D2 - In D2 PVP was so boring after 10 minutes which is really a bummer after all the work it took to get a character to high levels.
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Please don't compare a real Diablo game to this pitiful excuse for an arpg, "Auction House Simulator 3.0".
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Lets also not forget Duping.

Every item worth anything including those gems, runes, charms, and other gear were all duped.

Diablo 3 is a much cleaner, safer, and better put together game than Diablo 2.
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Diablo 2 was great, but it was lacking in a lot of areas.

Everyone ran baal runs to level and magic find. The average length of a game was under 4 minutes. NV stacks are a big improvement because now we can farm anywhere.

L M A O .
We have to farm some areas in act 3 over and over again in Diablo 3.
The best way to farm are Alkazier runs which takes about 10 minutes or so.

WOW thanks so much Blizzard for letting me play act 3 over and over.
In d2 farming was so stupid. I could hop between acts kill Andaries, Duriel, Mephissto, diablo baal, countess, the summoner, nilathak pindle, etc.. etc... in one game

Sorry you clearly never played D2. If you think you have more farming options in D3 than we had in D2 you are delusional.

The best thing: In D2 different bosses actually dropped different loot and had different chances for different loot. Best way to farm sojs for example was Andariel nightmare.

But thanks for clearing things up for me. I never realized why D3 farming is so great compared to D2.
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The thing I hate most about Diablo 3 is when people say they hate it. I'm not talking about anyone specific, so before I get dumb responses like "I didn't say I hated it" I'm talking about people in General who always say they hate it. IF YOU HATE IT WHY DO YOU PLAY IT? I don't do things I hate, because I'm not a masochist.

That, and probably more importantly, is some of the people in the community. You ask a question that you couldn't possibly know the answer to, unless you looked it up, or asked and they reply with !@#$ like "That's common sense". No, common sense implies you should know it from an early age. Also people get really angry when you try help/answer their own questions.

I'd say 20% of the community are just lying in wait to jump on people who ask questions and b*tch and moan about it like little cry babies.

That's why I'm so glad they have the ignore function!

But the game itself, I'd give it an 8.5/10

But yes, Diablo 2 did seem like it had more to it than D3 does, but D3 isn't done yet. And once PVP comes out it will give the game a real purpose (for me). I plan to spec 100% for PVP.
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I'm talking about in-game features. My comment has nothing to do with technology you

Diablo 3 has...

all this . Is very very not important
* Less shrines
* Less items
* Less item enchantments
* Smaller maps
* Less randomized maps
* Less classes (I don't give a sh!t that d2 had 5 classes on launch, the series left off with 7)
* Less interesting quest rewards
* Less gems
* No runes
* No jewels
* No charms
* God awful crafting

These would make excellent improvements and features for the expansion.
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Things that d2 and d3 both have are dungeons if you count den of evil as a dungeon then any of the random yes they spawn in different areas and not always.... and saying that four entrances in one location or two in d2 made it a random map haha
they also changed north south west and east some as well but same monsters in same locations... where as in d3 you have different elites show up randomly where as some do spawn in several locations most of the time those have a certain item or part of the story...

* bank you could only keep so many items in your chest and like 100* less gold then the average account has plus it was one character defined and if you played d2 pre LOD it was puny

* items.... saying that d2 has more items just because of how they are listed in a listing your crazy now stats are rolled differently but if you take a sword in three with different rolled stats it has the same name... in d2 here is why many mistake more ITEMS the same exact sword with vitality as the fourth or third stat instead of str well then you had a different item... NOT REALLY just different name compared to d3 where yes its given different prefixes but no one cares now its still a level 60 ring with the same name doesn't matter the prefix

*pre LOD expansion you couldn't arm or heal the people following you was a pain
nor could they change acts or level up and get stronger.....

* INFERNO yes you have a whole new fourth difficulty and if your count monster power to player levels 11 and if your playing with a group it would be 15 as your player level was adjusted to number of players in party

* bosses did not guarantee drops or great drops which is why you ran 200 to 250 boss runs a day same boss same run and most the time you joined a game or had a wiz tele or a paly swiftly get to and TP you close to the boss so the boss was almost the only thing you killed trash mobs gave you trash which is why you ran bosses and not nything else as elites didnt drop as many items as bosses but now do so running act 2 through once yes a little more time then one or even ten boss runs but more loot as every player gets their own loot and its not shared

* PVP is being released hopefully in next patch before the expansion yes many wanted it sooner but they were working on adding dueling in a package with a cooler team deathmatch type map which would had to end game and allow more things for gamers to do
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WTF who farmed 1 boss in Diablo 2 for MFing? My MF runs were much more different then my leveling runs. For leveling I would join a public/private Baal run group but for MF it was much more effective to farm on my own. My route would go something like this:

Act 1:
-Crypts (I think this was the name of the dungeon)
- Andy

Ac 2:
- Summoner (That guy in the floating sanctuary crap)

Act 3:
- The Council/Trav
- Mephisto

Act 4
- Diablo (The whole Chaos Sanctuary run was quite good for farming)

Act 5
- Shenk the Overseer
- Pindleskin
- Nihilathak
- Baal

I know there's more I just can't remember them right now lol.

I'm sure there was more but that's off the top of my head. My game did not take 4 mins each especially once they added Realm Down to stop the botters. Also I know I just listed name of the bosses/main targets but there were plenty of mobs to kill while going to them.
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The most disappointing bit is how the early pre-beta gameplay video showed a LOT more complexity than what we got on release.

Remember this? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/media/videos/?keywords=&view#/gameplay

Cool environmental effects, more skills than what he have now, synergy between skills and more.

Then somehow the D3 team goes and dumbs things down to what we eventually got. How could they have decided that less was better??? o_O
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Diablo 2 was great, but it was lacking in a lot of areas.
Everyone ran baal runs to level and magic find. The average length of a game was under 4 minutes. NV stacks are a big improvement because now we can farm anywhere.

And by that you mean the most populated areas of act3: D oh please.
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