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Gear Check For Next Upgrade

Hey all,

I'm new to the whole CM Wiz thing.

Can someone please take a look at my gear and see what my next upgrade should be? I'm trying to get to 100 k DPS and 50k health. I know my rings suck but i'm looking for the biggest upgrade(s) possible. I have 100m to spend.

Thanks for all the advise!
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Your armor is nowhere near where it needs to be for this build.

Upgrades in order of importance:

1) Nat's ring and boots, your right ring is terrible, drop that for a nats ring with AR and/or CC% to go with the 8-9 IAS. Great move because you pick up guaranteed armor and -damage taken on boots along with 7% CC from your set bonus. Its cheap and effective!

2) Drop Inna's for BT pants with +armor and/or AR. Definitely focus on armor first. Your innas pants are not doing you any favours whatsoever.

If you do the two upgrades about you will still be at +61% IAS which puts you at 2.59 APS. Basically you need to pick up another 10% IAS somewhere

Two options from here:

1) Drop your mempo for a SC with CC% (should be well within your budget). This gives you some more LOH, don't know how you were running with 314. After that get the +IAS chants wand so you can hit the 2.74 BP. This will work if you can get the 1.79 APS wand and 9% Nats ring. Definitely your best overall option to hit the 2.74 and maintain some LOH

2) Don't get the IAS wand, dump zuni ring for something with 8-9 IAS/LOH/CC%, drop Amulet for something with IAS/CC%/LOH, get max IAS on gloves. This puts you at 2.74 but its WAAAY more expensive. You will probably end up with more DPS though
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Thanks Blazers.

I have Nats Boot/Ring on my DH i can borrow. I never thought of that.

I'll pick up some BT's right now and look for a new Storm Crow. I have 2 but they suck. I appreciate the help!
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