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Review My Progress Please! =D

I would just like some honest opinions from experienced players (preferably DHs) just to tell me what i am missing, or any suggestions to make me a better DH. Im over 200k dps and 31k HP but feel like im lacking something. Any opinions and suggestions are appreciated!!! thanks you!

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You've got good gear in all your slots, but not great gear. What your gear is really lacking and what really makes a massive difference when farming and killing, is all resist and vit.

I'm about the same 'dps' as you, but 20k more life, 350 more all resist (and L4N) And I feel like I can do anything. DPS is never a problem, survivability is what matters once you're above 150k unbuffed dps or so.
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I was in your shoes not too long ago.. exactly lvl 51 actually. I had 250 dps and 31k life and basically 1 hit die in most situations from MP1 to MP5 at most. I switched to Calamity and learned alot. I am not suggestion you switch to Calamity. I am using both Manticore and Calamity. They are used sooo differently and both are great. One is NOT better than the other. I am not getting into that debate.

If you can add NAT. Reflection with IAS and crit. damage plus small dex and vit with armor and life as a bonus it will open up your upgrade options. 30 mil might get you a good one. With the 4 piece NAT your the bonus 20 Discipline is too good to pass up. It adds too much to survivability and skill options.

To gain more VIT and all res I can only two items that are top priorty - INNA's pants upgrade should have 100+ dex and vit ( as much as possible) 30 mil and the Strong arm bracer is under rated because the Lacuni is sooooo expensive. Your strong arm can be better. dex/vit/all res combo is too good to pass up unless your have 1bil gold or more.

I am not there yet but that is my goal too. I can play mp8 solo with 160k dps with 64 k life with good 300 plus all res. and 2000 plus armor. It takes longer. I need to increase DPS without loosing IAS / CC / and EHP. I couldn't solo MP3 with 250 k DPS with 31k life and low all res and armor. If you can take 4 hits from Magda's bugs on MP8 without dying you will kill her eventually.

Tharkis is absolutely right about after 150k DPS, it's all about survivability. If you do the upgrade I suggested You will double your survivability and increase your REAL dps ( unbuffed). If you can maintain 50+ CC/2.0+ APS/ good EHP and 170k DPS you are have gone to the next level. I lost 100k DPS to be a better DH. Any DPS I gain now is REAL gain. NOT glass canon on paper only DPS.

Skills - I recommend :

vault tumble - if you have to do it twice you use less DISC. You loose a very small damage from the fire trail and the cool factor but you survive better. And if you can gain a better tactical position with less DISC you can unload more damage anyways.
Smoke screen with displacement - out weigh the small damage from poison fog. If you can get away without having to use vault and gain distance quickly you gain a reserve tank in DISC for more escapes = better survivability. BASICALLY DISC equals more survivability. We use Hatred for damage and reserve ALL DISC. for tactical position and survivability.

As for damage you are using two to three skill max. I only use two. Any two doesn't matter really. Up to you. It achieves the same result. Imagine double YOUR life poinst and then add gloom and boar. That is how important survivability is at higher MPs.

If you want to see how a calamity and manticore differ ADD me to your friends list and we can do Ueber runs. I use mostly Calamity for higher MPs but I have friends who use Manticore for MP10 with ease..
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