Diablo® III

253k dps looking for regular group

take a look at my profile for gear, Rajh`Lin.

I'm looking for group to do special elites and hunting set gear...

if you see improvements to build or gear let me know pls?
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inb4 someone calls you out using ShSh

You're off to a good start. Concentrate on getting ~40% cc (you're only 10% away including your natural 5%) so you can start considering slotting in a different passive besides ShSh. Perfectionist would work nicely since your resists are a tad low.

You have a lot of life % but your Vit is low, hence why the % has less of a profound effect on your total HP.

I don't normally recommend this, but you can sacrifice Dex to get more cc/cd/asi. Your Dex to DPS ratio is not too hot - I know at the root of things we as DHs want to stack Dex, but you need to find that balance.

Good luck!
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oh dammit brian beat me
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Whats a 'better' hp amount?
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Come back when you have 250k dps w/o SS.
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yikes changed out shsh to Perfectionist big dip in dps...back to work now hahaha...
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@ MurdockDeNos

Keep SS untill you get to around 35cc , then switch w/o SS. You will see that when you get past 35cc w/o SS , you will be doing better at bring down those bad guys.

So good luck with your DH.
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Thanks Anna :)
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If SS was any good , I would be using it. My dps with SS is really really high, but it really isn't. Most players don't use SS because it makes you think you have high dps when in fact it is false.

So keep SS untill you get 35 up to 40 cc , then get rid of it.
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I like your gear, so many GEMs. I would really love to have some.

Got a question for you want do you mean by special elites hunt?
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MurdockDeNos: Your build isnt bad by any means. It just needs sharpshooter right now since your crit chance is so low. Your eHP isnt bad though 248k ehp and 94k dps is enough to get you though runs if you play smart.

I will not be in till Tuesday, but I will keep an eye out for you.
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where is the 253k??? i dont see it
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Alright thanks again Anna, I'll put the ShSh back in play for now then.

@Hinary: When I use the skill Sharpshooter my DPS jumps up to 253K as it is now back at that :)

And as I go to log in and switch back to SHSH guess what drops! http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/natalyas-reflection

And with the SHSH in place and new ring on the DPS is at 278k hahahaahaha with out SHSH running and Perfectionist in DPS is 124k dps
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yea your build is missing alot, and for later, just know that nobody says their dps with any of those passives on.

when announcing your dps, take SS off and SA off, maybe leave archery on, but those passives are just usually paper dps, not true dps.
maybe SA ill make an exception, but SA doesnt rlly work in higher mps, since ur usually face tanking stuff.

but as others have told u, once u get to a certain cc, just knock that SS off.
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Hit me up if you interested in running exp runs on mp0, i tend to solo

:) lets play a few games

add me
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