Diablo® III

Nice daibo - what's it worth

I play wizard so have no idea:

Daibo 1013 DPS
1.1 APS
Dex 155
Strength 185
Crit damage 103
Lifesteal 5.9%

Is this any good? How much should I sell for? Can't find anything like it on AH.
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There may be a niche want for this item, unfortunately it suffers from one downfall....it's not a Skorn. That seems to be about the only 2-hand most players use, particularly for a Tempest Rush build. Like I said, there may be a buyer, but I also don't think this item will fly off the shelf. Check AH to get an idea of demand/pricing, and good luck.
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Around 1 million gold. You can get a lifesteal skorn that has higher dex, crit damage and weapon damage for 5-10 million.
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01/06/2013 08:17 AMPosted by hampster
Around 1 million gold. You can get a lifesteal skorn that has higher dex, crit damage and weapon damage for 5-10 million.

what he said.

A pity monks don't play with Daibo. All the Daibos in game are just too lousy. For 2H, the popular choice is Skorn, and even that is for very low MP speed farming, which does not require any form of life sustain on weapon. 1000 DPS is really low for a 2H weapon.

Sorry, but just being truthful.
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I would go a stage further and say don't waste a slot putting it up on the AH. If you want to put it up, maybe bro price it and try to get it out fast at say 100k gold or something.

Its like all those two handed legendaries that drop. The majority of them just turn into brimstones for me.
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Quite frankly this is the kind of item i vendor on sight... 2-handers with hunder 1200 DPS just dont sell.
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I hate the way that Skorn warps the 2H market. Right now, you can probably get a weak Dex / LS skorn for about 10-15 million, and it's better than virtually any 2H that can possibly roll. Less than that if you're not picky about getting Dex on it.

I once sold a decent non-skorn (113% CD, 1289 DPS, 321 dex, 5.6% LS, 0.9% attack speed) for about 15 million. It took weeks of listing it on the AH, though. and eventually it sold when I listed it AND told the forums to go bid on it :) I think most people playing Monks don't even check the non-scorn market.

Anyway, it might have some value for an ultra-budget tempest rush build. I'd list it for 400K on the AH and (no max) and be happy with whatever you get.
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