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Carnage build with video

Hi there, Carnage is a build that I´ve tested throughly and I´m having a blast with it, it´s an efficient mid mplv exp/leg farming build.

Build is viable on mp levels 5-8 and it´s a solo build that shines on areas that are crawling with creeps.MP levels 9-10 need changes to the build and it loses it´s strenght and with it focus. Since then I´ve done mp10 ubers with the build and played in several different parties, build works on a good party, slight mana issues on mp10.

A good route is:

Core-Tower of the cursed Lv1, platform-CraterLv2-Tower of the damned LV1-Rakki´s crossing-Fields of slaughter-KeepLv2


-Full zuni set
-Litany ring vs reflect (optional)
-Reduced cost to zombie charger
-Around 100k unbuffed dps
-10-14 yards pickup radius

Carnage: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#fXUdjV!ZYT!cYZcYc

Skills have a nice synergy and there´s lots of AoE dmg that will keep health globes coming and you buffed. Build has 2 free skill slots, let´s break it down.

Bears: 708% AoE dmg, your primary nuke.

Horrify: 100% armor for 8 seconds, this is for fighting reflect, the goal is to kill reflect packs during that 8 seconds, while active you can spam bears vs reflect.

Spirit walk: Honored guest, hands down the best rune to any mana spending build.

Soul Harvest: Good buff and 230% AoE dmg, only use this when you can harvest atleast 4 creeps.

Mass confusion: This is a free slot, use whatever you want, I like paranoia cause it locks elites on place and they are easy and fast to takedown + that 20% dmg.

Sacrifice: Detonator, 275% AoE dmg x 4 + 20% dps for you, wow. It´s also very nice to get rid of the dogs, elites will run to your bears. Wait for 3-4 dogs and detonate when you can get the most AoE.

Circle of Life: Simply a great passive, keeps the bombs coming.

Zombie handler: This is a free slot, use whatever you want, I like this one cause +275% dmg, more AoE to detonation, 5% more dps to you and the dogs stay alive and tank for you if needed which is useful on mp8.

Grave Injustice: Keeps skill out of cd allowing more aggressive play. Life and manareturns also work well with the build.

Gruesome Feast: Mad dmg boost, mana return and the globes are plenty with this setup.

So we got:

708% AoE dmg + 230% AoE dmg + 1100 AoE dmg combined with 2+1 constant buffs + 20% from paranoia vs elites and the means to fight reflect.

Let´s watch a clip to see how that plays out,thanks to hanno for the clip and doing the run with me, cheers mate.

Fire in the hole: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWWR_oxVuCw

Clip was recorded with zombie handler, since then I prefer GI.

I prefer simple and short and with the video I dunno what else to write, questions and feedback are welcomed.

My profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Jumbasa-2925/hero/15726227
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