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Screen Flickering ONLY In D3 On New Videocard

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Just got a new Geforce GTX 660 Ti to replace my dying Radeon HD 6950 and since installing the new videocard I've been seeing the entire screen flash with different GUI elements, textures, and what looks like the entire alphabet in the D3 typeface. Nothing like this ever happened with my old videocard, despite the old one causing screen tearing and bluescreens in it's last days.

I have run several GPU benchmarks/stress tests and played a few other games and experienced no artifacting, the videocard is performing excellently in fact, and D3 does not stress it at all, it is under low load, has plenty of free vram, and cool temperatures.

It seems like as textures are loaded into memory they're being displayed across the entire screen or something, but it's extremely obnoxious. I was wondering if anybody else has experienced anything like this and might have a fix for it?

It seems to occur most frequently while navigating the UI and loading new 2D elements like opening the inventory or changing pages in the auction house.

Nothing about my setup has changed besides the videocard when the glitches started appearing.

Edit: Deleting D3Prefs.txt allowing the game to generate a new one did not solve this.
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you have any pics or vids to show this?

aside from that try different drivers. its been noted on the geforce forums that there has been driver corruption in several releases. so, give a different set a try.

also make sure you dont have anti-aliasing turned on in both the game and the nvidia control panel. for diablo 3 anti-aliasing can only be active in one place or driver conflicts happen. its my opinion that its best to turn of the in game anti-aliasing and use the diablo 3 profile (nvidia control panel) to control the anti-aliasing since it has more options and flexibility. the ingame is just on and off, not much in the way of choices there.
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No I do not have any pictures or videos, it only lasts one frame. I think it may have to do with font rendering. It seems to only occur when I am opening new menus or dialogs that include text and when this happens large white letters of the D3 alphabet flash across the screen along with various other corrupt looking doodads for a few milleseconds.

I have tried many combinations of in-game settings and Nvidia control panel settings, Nvidia is currently set to override Diablo 3's settings.

I intend to try a few different driver versions, I am currently using the most recent release, and the videocard I am using is very widely used so I would be very surprised if there was a problem between the driver version and Diablo 3 with no public outcry. As I stated before the problem does seem to be specific to Diablo 3 or the way it renders certain things, as I still have not experienced any artifacting or glitches in any other 3D application. Even running benchmarks or playing Farcry 3 with Diablo 3 open and in game, the graphics in the other games render flawlessly despite being far more demanding than Diablo 3.

I still need to try reinstalling Diablo 3 from scratch and various older driver versions, I just find it strange when the only thing that changed before I started having issues was the videocard and it doesn't appear to have issues outside of Diablo 3. I switched to Nvidia to get away from AMD's horrible software and constant driver issues, woe is me if I have to start using old archaic driver versions just to play D3 without issue.
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I also am experiencing exactly as you explained, and it's only happening on my brand new PC I just got with the Gigabyte GTX 660ti . . . Great card no problems in any other games this is just plain weird, if anyone has a fix that works plz let us know..
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08/23/2013 11:26 PMPosted by HardHead
I also am experiencing exactly as you explained, and it's only happening on my brand new PC I just got with the Gigabyte GTX 660ti . . . Great card no problems in any other games this is just plain weird, if anyone has a fix that works plz let us know..

post your DXDiag

and also your D3Prefs. its in your "documents\Diablo III" folder
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