Diablo® III

So my weapons suck..

How should I go about upgrading both, without losing dps and adding lifesteal

for under 150m
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Why do your weapons suck? you should be able to do mp 10
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I will agree you weapons don't suck. Sure you could get a better EF. You also could benefit from at least one wep having LS on it. They don't suck in the least though.

Upgrading them will be expensive and honestly if I were in your shoes I would put that 150 mil other places or save it for upgrades that are worth it.

Weapons are not bad at all though.
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Well the damage is there, it's the LS that's not.
Damage wise I can do MP10 no problem, but as soon as I hit any reflects damage its game over (let alone if they have any sort of plague or desecrate on top of it.. those fights end real fast)

I need to fit lifesteal in there somewhere and during that I could get an upgrade in DPS along the way. Where else can I get the LS from logically?

Weapons are the only way to go at this point as far as I see.
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Your current EF has only one dps modifier. Well, back up let me explain this better. Echoing Fury can roll with up to 2 dps modifiers: LS, native crit damage, or a socket.

Your EF has native crit damage only. That means you can still fit LS on. Finding one with 100% native CD AND LS will be hard though, so your best option is probably just getting LS + socket. Those can be had within your budget. If you're willing to give up some crit damage (doesn't have to be all that much, 70+ native CD/LS rolls aren't terribly uncommon) then you can probably get that cheaper, though you would lose some dps.

Your other option is just to buy a cheap .25 aps LS only EF to switch out for RD packs. This is by far the cheapest route but it is definitely the most annoying.
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Yah switching out just cant happen. I guess I could just save up for a good .25 LS str OS EF and drop a big load on it, then save up for a great MH as well.. May be my best (if not only) option
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Your weapons aren't likely what's hurting you here. It's a combination of your life and res. You can probably fix both problems relatively cheaply and easily by swapping out your shoulders for higher vit and res (you'll probably sacrifice a bit of str here) and grabbing an IK chest (which will boost res via the bonus and give you more vit or str depending on what you socket with).

Way better bang for your buck in my opinion and that should balance you out a bit more and give you more room to upgrade things in the future.
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I've been keeping an eye out for better shoulders as well as an IK chest. I just can't justify paying that much if its not exponentially significant. Those spots will be upgraded when I have the 200m each to do so the right way :D
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IMO OH EFs aren't meant for top tier budgets. They shine in the mid tier, so spending 200m on an OH EF is a waste. Str, LS, socket EF with 800 dps used to cost 25mil. It seems they are rising in price or no one is selling.

If your goal is to play in MP10, then I agree stashing a cheap str/LS EF without socket is the cheapest way to go. It's what I do in MP10 if i see RD. I don't spend a lot of time farming there and I find 2 sources of LS fine for everything under MP7. MP8 is fine as long as its not RD/HL succubus. No reason to gear for MP10 if you are so far from farming it. If all you want to do is dabble in MP10, dont waste your gold.
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