Diablo® III

Possible to hit 200k DPS with 80-90 mil?

Without sacrificing EHP?

I'm currently at 160k DPS.
46k HP
300 AR

I'd like to continue with a calamity build. I farm keys at MP6, i could probably do 7, but i've never tried.
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short of using sharpshooter or steady aim, I'm not sure it would be. You seem to be nicely geared with small places to improve your gear, but the only major slot improvement for you would be a high dex DML. That won't get you 40k DPS to bring you up to the 200 though.

Perhaps someone else has better suggestions than I...
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get inna chest with high dex, witching hour with high crit damage, andariel visage, and a nataly refleciton with high dex and crit damage
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01/10/2013 06:30 PMPosted by GodIike
get inna chest with high dex, witching hour with high crit damage, andariel visage, and a nataly refleciton with high dex and crit damage

Did you even read the OP?

Firstly, it will be a pretty tall order to get those pieces you mentioned within his budget.
Secondly, how does swapping a mempos for an Andarials help him maintain his EHP?
Thirdly, both his rings offer pretty good DPS, (and the HF offers good EHP too). You'd need a pretty good nats ring to come out ahead, based solely on the stats gained from inna's armor.
Fourthly, while a high dex inna's armor will definitely bump his dps, do you think it will bump it enough to compensate for the 12% spike trap dmg on nats? How much does a high dex inna's with 150+ vit (to maintain his ehp) even cost?
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That calamity is seriously terrible. An upgrade on that with all of your gold is probably the best you can do for yourself overall.
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OP, its quite hard with the budget you have set. Unfortunately, it's at that point where things start getting really expensive.

I would probably suggest your ring or your DML as possible upgrades within the budget you have set. But they most likely will not bring your DPS up 40k. There are occasionally good deals for these 2 items on the AH.

Those 2 coupled with Steady Aim may bring it up depending on how much dex you gain from your upgrades.
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Well i guess 200k DPS is an unrealistic goal. Maybe i could try for 180k? Should be a lot easier.

And is my calamity really that terrible? I mean anything slightly better costs another 50 mil or so.
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what does EHP stand for
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Effective Health/Hit Points
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