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Excellent post!!!
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acrimony's senseless ranting got my "how to run w/o a fury generator" topic deleted....might as well remove it from your list.
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02/22/2013 02:57 PMPosted by Wayneold
acrimony's senseless ranting got my "how to run w/o a fury generator" topic deleted....might as well remove it from your list.

Honestly? I don't have that Copied down either:/
Dang, WTH, thought Acri was all HC anymore....
Edited by RagingKoala#1984 on 2/25/2013 2:54 PM PST
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This might be obvious to some, but this post listing which attacks alternate weapons and which don't is a good one to reference:

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This might be obvious to some, but this post listing which attacks alternate weapons and which don't is a good one to reference:


Perfect! Thanks!
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@RagingKoala - hey mate i suggest maybe you could add this thread of MannerCookie in the compilation, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7979319251

this thread is very helpful for pvp enthusiast

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Got it, I spied that gem from work :) Thanks for the link!

Thats going to be my bedtime reading when it gets going :)
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This thread is becoming rather useful....
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just want to ask , how change 2 to 3 set same TACTICS skill .
like set 2 tactics battle Rage, 3 set tactics War Cry .
any link ..??
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Do you guys want a thread on MP3 farming? I have a thread up in Hardcore doing 175+ elite kills per hour with 60-75,000,000 experience points per hour as well (using a Radiant Star ruby).

I don't know how good the experience can be as a whole with my route and elite-focused slaughtering, but I know there are very few people who can beat that many elite kills; if there are any at all ;)
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Yo RK...might want to add this...high level guide to using d3rawr for ruby/emerald comparison for ww barbs as a general step-by-step guide on how to use d3rawr for gearing decisions.

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Hey acrimony, that sounds like a great essence farming guide for sure, maybe post your run and strategies in that thread?

The exp one will be getting revised here with 1.08 and act density changes coming up (hopefully no more a3 yay!), but ill bookmart your thread either way :)

Seen that Pri, nice one, lots have been asking about that.
Edited by RagingKoala#1984 on 4/3/2013 4:05 PM PDT
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ww barb here, i currently have 2.25 aps with wotb and i am pretty happy with my speed and efficiency in mp10. i usually do not die but if i do it really has to be a very unlucky set of circumstances (ie; arcane, plagued with waller getting me trapped or lag etc...) so survival wise i don't really need more (i was thinking tho to get inna with all res instead of str).

anyway question for veteran barbs, is it really worth having 2.5 aps? i have no problems generating fury in mp10 or keeping wotb up and i got 340k self buffed dps. check my profile and give me opinions plz, thx

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So, I finally went through my posts to make a list of useful/helpful stuff. I probably won´t open a "nubtro´s game mechanics corner" thread anytime soon so here´s what I´ve posted so far. Decide what you feel is worth linking to in the first post.

WW/RLTW mechanics

Critical hit chance cap

Berserker Rage mechanics

Brawler mechanics

Rend mechanics

IAS gear slots needed to achieve Skorn WW/RLTW breakpoints

HotA breakpoint research (breakpoint source for silverfire´s HotA Q&A thread)

Fury (de)generation, Unforgiving, IK´s 5 set bonus, Animosity and Inspire mechanics

No Escape, Dread Bomb, Sword Weapons Master mechanics

Frenzy is a multiplicative attack speed bonus

The Barbarian 1 hour essence farming challenge

Weapon damage calculation

Elemental damage, adds x% to elemental damage and elemental skills deal x% more damage

Stacking elemental damage sources & effects

Cold damage and Echoing Fury

Elite damage bonus multiplier

Rend Bloodbath research

Crafting: amulets and bracers affix weight (1.0.7)

Max rolls on new crafted items
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Thanks nubtro!
Edited by RagingKoala#1984 on 5/24/2013 7:09 AM PDT
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Since I have started farming paragon and keys by running groups in hardcore, I have noticed what a strong addition it is to have a barbarian in the group running support skills. I visited this post in hope to learn more about barbs running support builds, but I don't see anything in reference to such a build here. Hopefully this post will encourage someone familiar with running a support barb to write on the topic, and benefit us all by encouraging more to run such builds.
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i have no idea why my dps is sooo low can anyone give me any tips?
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your barb is boss 200kdps with shield! whould you have gear to give away
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