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There should be an option with no item trading

I'm sure that this has been suggested before, but I thought I would make a thread anyway. I recently quit playing, and I desperately want to come back, but every time I pick up the game I find that I end up spending more time on the AH than in the game, because of the ridiculous infrequency with which useful items drop. I want to feel like playing the game is a productive way to advanced my character, but it really feels like one minute on the AH is worth hours of game time as far as progression goes.

The only thing that could bring me back to the game is the option to either play on a server where there is ONLY Bind on Account for all items, or just the option to make a character, similar to a HC character, that has that rule attached to them. It seems that with the infrastructure that allows for HC characters, this should not be difficult to implement, and if it was to go the character-based route, it would not have a side effect of splitting up the community. Obviously, this option would have to come with the advantage that items drop with higher stats on average than they currently do, in order to make up for the inability to trade.
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They might as well just get rid of both auction houses if they did this because everyone would choose a no trade server with better loot drops. The only one's left in auction house mode would be sellers with no one to sell to.

This would all be awesome, but I'm sure you can see why Blizzard will NEVER do this.
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