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Monk boosts team damage by more than 100%??

Here's an experimental build I'm using for ubers. Atm it's mainly for use with a 99% CM wiz since my resistancne has taken a hit in favor of increased personal and team DPS.. I'm not too familiar with whether or not EP team damage is boosted to 36% as the list suggests so I'm posting this to the community for feedback. I only crit for about 1-1.5 mil per sec and I'm still colecting data since I've only done one real uber carry with this build.. Total game time from 1st hit was under 30 minutes including 5 e's, ubers and w's. I'm not using a sweeping wind build atm and I hv no idea how the damage from this chart compares to a 200k+ sweeping wind build, but killing Ghom/Rak and SB/Kulle in just over a minute with my team is fine with me. Please note that I have not used my Inna hat yet and I haven't tried other primary attacks with similar team buff runes like the ones below.. Looking forward to the numbers after I experiment some more!

Team damage buffs:
Mantra of Conviction - Overawe 24%-48%
Guiding light Skill 16%
Exploding Palm - The Flesh is weak 12%
Exploding Palm - Inna's Radiance 12%
Exploding Palm - Stone of Jordan 12%
Crippling Wave - Breaking wave 10% *or*
Deadly Reach - Foresight 18% (Haven't really used this one.
Total 95% - 118% team boost.

Personal damage buffs:
Blazing Wrath 15%
SOJ 30% against elites in addition to ubers and W
Faith in the light 35% (30%+5% xtra Holy Damage from SOJ)

Beacon of Yar (Optional) Usually used with a barb using WC.
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Skill damage boosts from gear only additively (afaik) boost the weapon damage. That has nothing to do with rune effects unless they boost the skill damage itself. Meaning your +24% EP damage from gear has no bearing on FiW and the fact it effects your whole group. Foresight is also a self buff, nothing more.

If you were to replace Breaking Wave with Thunderclap and Serenity or Blazing Wrath with Cyclone, I think your kill times would be lowered because the edps you would gain would be more than the loss of +40% group damage. Its the unfortunate truth atm that using anything other than TC and Cyclone is just not very effective or efficient.
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"Foresight is also a self buff, nothing more. " How can u tell? It says "all attacks" just like overawe..
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I'm pretty sure overawe isn't considered an attack, and the additional damage is added on last, meaning foresight buffs your base dps only.

To use myself as an example:

160kish base
250 with blazing wrath, combo strike and foresight

Add in overawe last, and my dps without cyclones should be about 310-375k, so basically doubling my own dps while adding the 24-48% for the party.

I haven't done any testing personally, but that seems how it works based on my experience.
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Foresight is definitely only a self buff.
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EP - flesh weak rune
its a 12% debuff so any gears increase EP will not change that 12%.
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