HArdcore Wizard build
Normal Difficulty
Jedi Style

First this build is a choice for those that Start Hardcore mode with no gear to start with yet.
The reason for this is the tremendous defensive capabilities of this Wizard.
We are talking here about a very very safe build that will take you to nightmare easily and safely.
You will note that I tried to make this guide as simple and short as possible.
2 sections for this guide:
1) The character it self (Skills, attributes you should be aiming for at lvl 30 including life arcane power intelligence str and dex and Dps.) All of this is calculated for the monster power 10 which is the difficulty I play.
2) The gear (Item types, item magical attribute to look for, some legendaries, overall int. vit. Str. Dex. Bonuses to aim for at lvl 30)
Before we start I have a few recommendations: first I suggest you enable the option that allows you to put any skill in any skill slot (it is a must for this build). Second Don’t play at lvl 10 difficulty if you have a hard time at lvl 0. Lvl 10 difficulty is for experienced players only because it DOES NOT GIVE YOU BETTER DROPS. It only makes the game 10 times harder and gives somewhat 5 times more XP. It’s just for those who want to explore the TRUE power of hell.
The Wizard
Character made for maximum Dps usually used as a ranged warrior.
Avoid close combat unless you know what you are doing.
Can be a very versatile warrior but also a very volatile and sometimes unstable one.
Skills of this build
(The skill choice here as been made in a defensive purpose to keep you alive long enough to get better gear and unlock enough power to go further in the game)
1) Diamond skin with crystal shell rune
Use this all normal until the end (this is going to save your life at least 50 time before you hit Diablo)
2) Force push with force affinity rune
Decent damage with good dps level knockback enemies and with force affinity it can be cast often enough to be very useful. Use this against weaker foes to gain the X monster killed in one hit Xp bonus. Use this when surrounded and low on life to allow you to escape.(this will also save your life many times)

3) Frost nova with cold snap rune
No damage almost but freezes all enemies in radius for 3 second. Use this when surrounded. Use this against super unique monsters or elite monster or against large group of monsters. Cold snap allow you to cast it faster. (This will …. ALSO… save your life many times.

4) Here you have a choice (max damage skill like meteor or hydra or blizzard) or (a buff like magick weapon or familiar)
I used a buff on this build . Magick weapon gives a good damage bonus to all attacks (since you technically have no good gear yet it will allow you to advance in the game, because if your damage is too low, you might avoid death because you have good defensive abilities but you will eventually get stuck)

Now you are telling yourself what the hell is this guys talking about there is no damage spells in there. Well.. you are right and what follows will give you what you seek, only to those that are not initiated in the ways of the force ;P ;P ;P. This offensive section will make you somewhat confused because it seems very weak… But trust me nothing is as it seems in this world…

Primary skill
Spectral Blade with deep cut rune (can be later changed for siphoning blades or healing blades) 165% weapon damage with 45% weapon damage bonus over 3 seconds every time it hits. Free to cast. Rely on attack speed. Can hit unlimited number of monsters simultaneously. Talking about crowd control basically here. This skill can be combined with %of damage returned as life every hit items. (Makes you a zealer pally basicly ;) )
Secondary skill
Magick missile with split rune or meteor with molten impact.
Magick missile choice: 161% weapon damage split in 3 bolts ( that can be targeted on a single foe if desired) Free to cast. Rely on attack speed. Ranged attack. Good for killing enemies you don’t want to run to or enemies that flee. Good when you are running away from death , it allows you to still damage enemies while running ahead and it interrupt enemy’s action some where around 1/5 of the time allowing you to gain distance between your potential murderer and you.
Meteor choice: 360% weapon damage with molten impact. Since all the skills you use in this build do not deplete AT ALL you arcane power pool you can afford to cast meteor while slashing trough enemies with spectral blade. (this choice makes you extremely powerful). BUT using this skill will often leave you with NO arcane power left to defend your self so I suggest you start with the magik missile build.

NOW with this said: Why.. Oh why did a Do I not use arcane power in this build.. It is simple you don’t need to. Keep it to defend yourself at first. 165% weapon damage with good Dps is more than enough to beat ANY minions of hell besides act boss. For the 4 act boss you HAVE to put at least ONE maximum Dps skill like meteor in your spellbook.
Now this is a lvl 29 wizard (at the time this guide was written) in lvl10 monster power.
Note that lvl 29 at lvl 10 monster power is STARTING act3 in normal.
And here is what you need to have a CHANCE in the real world!
Str: 85
Dex: 85
INt: 580
Vit: 580
Arcane power for this build at lvl 29: 104
Life for this build at lvl 29: 6387
All Resistance for this build at lvl 29: 45
DPS for this build at lvl 29: 587 (magik weapon buff NOT calculated)
Note: Azmodan at normal difficulty monster power 10 can STILL kill you in ONE SINGLE !@#$ING HIT with his fireball attack. Diablo can eat you alive at this point in monster power 10 ( Trust me this is my ninth wizard and the highest I got is lvl 41)
To kill Azmodan safely you need 8000 life and 60 resistances in everything. And you change spectral blade and magik missile for the badest dps skills you posses. And even with that the fight will last at least one minute and a half. Which will allow Azmodan PLENTY of time to eradicate you.
Helmet: as much vitality and intelligence as humanly possible. If possible get strength too for damage reduction. If possible get a socket on that so you can add an amethyst for more life.
Shoulders: SAME as Helmet
Armor: SAME as helmet. Plus you can find armours with supplementary modifiers witch is never to be neglected.
Wrists: Same as helmet. Plus you can find increased attack speed on those. TAKE IT!
Gloves: Same As helmet. Plus you can find IAS or increased critical hit chance on those. TAKE IT!
Pants: Same as helmet!
Boots: same as helmet!
Rings: find rings that add x-x damage and life and intelligence! You can also find rings that add to strength above all that. TAKE IT!
Amulets: same as rings!
Sources: Same as helmet! Emphasize on intelligence tho.
All the gear you can find or almost can be found with sockets. Put topazes or amethysts in there for intelligence and life bonuses!
Wands: The higher the damage The better! Find wand with intelligence and life bonuses AT ALL TIMES you need both on your wand! If you find a socketed one its EVEN BETTER you put the best ruby you got in there and BOOM 150 DPS bonus!

That’s it folks!
Good luck Have fun
Remember: Power is a drug!
Sincerely yours,