Diablo® III

Diablo 3: Lord of Chaos

Diablo 3: Lord of Chaos

This expansion will feature humans engaging in a world war. Heaven and Hell are no longer sides to be chosen as good or evil. Humans will join with Demons, and angels, as well as angels joining with demons, everyone fighting each other on vast destructive battlefields. Old godly creatures will arise from their slumber and cause devastation to all sides.

Then in the end, Angels, Humans, and Demons, will all come together to fight their common foe, The Lord of Chaos, and his plethora of ancient powerful beasts.

If I were the one pulling the strings behind the story of the expansion set, this is the story I would love to tell.

Originally written in an other thread, posted here for discussion purposes.
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Oh man , Great title Lord of Chaos!!
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Good idea imo. I'd like to see something along those lines developed
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I would like this if it meant all the explorable areas being connected and real cities being introduced to the game. The way you can flow from New Tristram to the Cemeteries to the Fields of Misery to the Woods is very nice. A1 achieved this in an acceptable manner. The rest of the game is very "patchy." Caldeum particularly is a mega fail.

The amount of meangful NPC's is beyond dismal.

If they integrated all the races into one universe there would have to be a lot of explanation for why who lived where, repopulation of the Map, and more meaningful relationships with NPCs. This would mean dialogue and whoever developed the dialogue for this game...well....turn on your follower for a little bit and you'll see what i mean. All of this would mean a ton of side quests with more depth than what was already offered in side quests . currently side quests are like "omg! monsters attacked my farm, help!" ...fight... "OMG! THANKS! HERE, OPEN MY CHEST!"

i guess i would like to see D3 take a page out of Skyrim's Book. Opened map...quests with depth...NPC relationships...skill trees, but now im asking too much ;0

Having an all out war between all the races would definitely be well-accompanied by all this added depth.
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it made me feel a mythological story (:?
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I am going to re visit this right now. Posting a new topic, expanding on the original ideas I had above ^ This is not a very active forum, so I am doing this as a labor of love. Recently, I have learned more about Diablo lore, and I think the story in which I iterated above, would have some resemblance to what would actually transpire in future titles.
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