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REND is the answer......

@ acrimony

Thanks so much for the info. I think I will try out what you have said. I think my barb has pretty good ehp, don't know for sure. But in any case I will try. Thanks for getting back to me.

No problem! I added you on PTR if you need more info. Gonna watch my Maple Leafs take on the Canadiens, so I will chat with you later!
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My Flyers were slow out of the gate vs. the Pens today. I am very sad.
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reflect dmg = kill all them pesky buggers and lol

yeah i was thinking next time i may try a build that includes.....

overpower crushing advance - 4 seconds of excellent dmg reduction and 35% dmg reflect even to the ranged opponents! pop it soon as a ranged opponent comes into your screen, they wont know wat hit them as their dmg gets thrown back in their face.


ignore pain, contempt for weakness - another excellent dmg reduction for 5 seconds as well as reflecting back 32.5% dmg back(this will probably work on ranged as well).

and finally i wonder if you see the hail of fireballs or arrows coming at you, pop BOTH and possibly stack 77% dmg back in their face. this build probably requires a solid EHP to prevent being one shotted. maybe adding leap, iron hide would help supplment your defenses. and wats nice is neither skill requires fury.

i just tried this build with rend-ravage for offense paired to ignore pain and overpower (both reflect rune). the reflect ability cooldowns all had reasonably quick cooldown. i was able to fight on even ground vs wizards and monks. often times they'll take me out but i'd always get that rend off which means they are so hurt from the reflect dmg the rend polishes them off with easy.
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@ Acrimony

I'll duel the monk you listed and show you how to properly duel monks. I don't get why you're still using frenzy.
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I getting PAWN by mage who permanent freeze!!
Anyone knows how to counter?? juggernaut don't works!
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i was rending opponents the other day. it was super effective. i recommend it too.
its fun watching them run off bleeding then drop dead.

the ravage rune has good range, but if you pulling them in with ground stomp and leaping to them etc, try lacerate or bloodlust. bloodlust does seem a tad weaker in 1v1 tho.

only thing i found is that rend can be a little tricky on those opponents with HUGE health and crazy life regen.
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