Diablo® III

That is a Mighty Foe over there.

As KaraLynn cautiously wondered through the barracks level 2 in search of a lost guard, much was on her mind. Just recently had she hit the prime age of 79, it had been many years since she learned any new skills to add to her combat regimen. Her trusty follower, who called herself the Eirena the Enchantress, followed close behind. Even though Eirena claimed she learned much from the previous battles of the day, KaraLynn knew she had learned nothing. Possibly tired or just her mind on other things, KaraLynn walked around a corner into a narrow hallway, and in front of her she spotted what Eirena had come to call a “mighty foe”. A group of seven spiders it appeared to be. Before KaraLynn had the opportunity to assess the situation; many stone walls suddenly appeared around her, blocking her from moving in any direction.

Eirena who had long had the ability to hex enemies into chickens, (KaraLynn’s favorite thing about Eirena) was quickly killed, for she also was surrounded by these mystical walls, leaving not a single enemy to be hexed. The walls were of no concern to KaraLynn until she realized that these spiders also had the ability to summon pools of fire under her feet and purple beams that seemed to be placed as so to cut their enemies as a pair of scissors would cut paper. She remembered these beams from her teaching, what were they called, yes arcane beams, it had finally come to her. The combination of these affixes in such a narrow hall meant an almost inevitable death for KaraLynn, as she could do nothing but stand there and take the damage.

As KaraLynn just stood there surrounded by walls, taking damage, with no chance of escape, her pool of life steadily dropping, KaraLynn did everything she could to prolong the inevitable. First drinking a healing potion, secondly a skill she had learned long ago, Breath of Heaven her master had called it. Anything to prolong her lifespan until these wretched walls would break free. Between these two things her life pool was barely at half. Finally the walls dropped and she could move, but the only path was through a torrent of those scissor like arcane’s. As KaraLynn’s life was now at a minimum she attempted to rush through the beams using her last skill not on cool-down. Serenity, it had saved her many times before, it was the skill she had used to defeat many enemies that would of surely killed her before she made the final blow.

With that last ditch effort to barrage her way through the arcane beams, a sudden array of walls suddenly appeared in front of her again. There is nothing left do, but just stand here and pray to the gods for any type of miracle. Finally, an opening appeared, she no escape route but she could finally take the offensive and possibly regain some of her life. Arcanes going around, walls up, and trying to fight through the pain, KaraLynn’s life pool continued to drop. Then it happened. For the first time in 21 years, a skill she had almost forgotten about came rushing back to her. Near Death Experience had taken effect. She had never used this skill before, but at this time was thankful her master had taught it to her. Between her NDE and the timing of Eirena coming back, the enemies were finally turned into chickens. She could use her Serenity one more time and make a clean break from this deadly pack of spiders. As she made her way into the next room she finally had the room to take a full on offensive and take the spiders out 1 by 1.

Thanks to the teaching of her masters, a little luck, and possibly some love from the Gods, KaraLynn is alive to fight to forces of evil for yet another day.

btw does anyone else think followers just arent HC enough for HC. thsoe fukkers get to respawn like crazy.. :-)
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Great story!

I judge how awesome a fight is by how many times my follower bites it.

My personal record is 3.

I had Kormak get toasted 3 times against the Act IV Keywarden (+a blue pack).

It rocked!
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01/04/2013 07:35 PMPosted by TragOul
btw does anyone else think followers just arent HC enough for HC. thsoe fukkers get to respawn like crazy.. :-)

they probably just have customer support on speed dial and told them the mobs were hacking and then they got rollback :P
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Lol great story. I've got NDE on my monk and have yet to have it trigger as well (though I'm still very green). I also have spirit vessel on my WD and yet to see what that looks like too (still new to that too).
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Thought it was a really creative RIP thread. Still smiled.
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A compelling, well-written account, and a very enjoyable read! I'm delighted your hero made it out alive!

I look forward to your next post!

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Cool story brah! :)

I haven't triggered NDE yet, although, I do have a vague recollection of seeing a red screen after being hit by a truckload of banelings, and having serenity on cooldown last night; playing drunk while I was really REALLY tired (always a good idea).
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