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Item on sale in AH dissapeared

I put a Deadman Quiver for sale on AH a little while ago and logged off...

When I came back on-line and checked AH it had dissapeared and I can't see anything on my auction log, please help.



The issue is now fixed, thank you.
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I purchased and sold several things as well and then the AH crashed and I have none of the items, none of the gold from the sells and I am minus the gold from the purchases I made. Currently I am out about 30 mil. WTF is going on Blizz?
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Same :(

Lost $10 worth of items! and 10M Gold
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same problem. I did log into it once but Items that I had bids on are not in my completed tab, nor is the gold refund in the tab either if I got out bid. The items simply aren't listed anymore.

Now I cannot log into the AH at all anymore
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Same problem.

I lost 5 items. One of them was a trifecta glove.
I am certain that I kept changing the price of that item, so I would end up posting it then cancelling it a couple of hours into it.

But for some reason, it wasn't even recorded anymore in the auction log.
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Same thing missing 6 items in completed and my echoing fury i had for sale is just gone. no record of relisting for the last 3 hours every half hour. i want my items back!!!!
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Same here, I know many others lost a lot more than me but, this is crazy 250k down the drain because of a server issue. I mean come on, that's just wrong. Many people even lost millions today and died as well cause of this D/C, and now the items which were selling just go poof. Can we get a fix on this or a response from a GM or a MOD asap. Thanks.
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Same, lost 3 items posted on AH +1 on my completed tab right after that AH error.

Is there a blue post about this yet?
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Found an epic Danetta's spite. Listed. Its gone.
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Okay Blizz really needs to get on this. Just got back on AH and It wont list my completed but it went from 49 when it crashed to 42. i pretty much always have 49. now its 35 WTF!!!
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my 1279 Dps, +166 Int, 710 Loh, Os Echoing Fury that I listed is gone :(. They better fix this
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Lost 3 Million Gold.... which is a ton for me... thoroughly disappointed.
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I bidding item with 25m, but the item/gold both gone... omg!!
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Lost millions of gold in an auction for a Chantodo wand and my auction of the Witching Hour belt just vanished..

Auction items that I just posted have now disappeared although one of my items just sold but no gold came in lol

Please tell me there is a fix for this.
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I was trying to sell an Inna's Vast Expanse and the error occurred. Similar chests with the same type of stats were selling around 400m. I had the auction set as the starting bid 300m and the buyout was 500m. After the error I was able to get into the AH but when i went to my bids the innas was missing and there was nothing in my completed section. WHERE IS MY ITEM? WHY IS THAT THE ONLY ITEM MISSING. I really need a Blizzard employee explain how this is even possible and what they plan on doing to fix it.
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same..i have 5 items missing on rmah....
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After a few minutes 1 more item i had on RMAH disappeared, making it total of 5. im pulling all my items there... WTF
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Listed item on AH has disappeared.
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lots of errors trying to get into AH, when i finally did i'm missing 6 items that were listed for sale, and a few from the completed tab.
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This is awesome finally got logged back on and get on AH. down to 29 items in completed from 49 to start. Blizz do u want the gear off my guys back too?
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