Diablo® III

Demon Hunter with great gear keeps dying

nice dps. i checked ur diabloprogress, not sure if its updated buy says u have 231k dps unbuffed.
u seriously need ehp man. getting at least 50k life with 350AR is essential unless u planning to play mp1-3 forever. there are some elites that would kill u even with ur gloom up, like copperfangs healthlink/reflect/molten, hulking phasebeasts molten/fast/vortex, tremors reflect/fast/horde/molten, in mp4 and above, just listing examples

and if u planning to play ubers, which is sorta the current end game (zzz we need new content lol) ur current ehp would get urself instantkilled unless u are doing ubers on mp1-3, which most people dun do cos their drops sux.

bottomline is, when ur ehp is low, u arent going anywhere (qoute from Burn Notice :p)
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Looked you up on diabloprogress, it says you got 91,881.16 dps unbuffed and an ehp of 396,824.

Now you should have no problems running MP 1 without death's. You have nice armor stats, but If I was you I would get my health up to 40k + and all resist to a min of 400. You are on the right track now.

I am glad to see you took some of the advice that was given and made use of it. Have fun playing the game.
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Get Legacy set and run perma shadow power, and you solve all the problem with all res for a while.
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hey jams i cant find ur diabloprogress, no such bnet tag? @@
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Ever tried running tactical advantage?

I think its good for more glassy builds, I run around 145k unfuffed damage and only like 250k deeps and full nat suit, I never die because things dont hit me.

Even before I had full nat suit with +20 decipline, I just used shadow power smarter on even mp10 runs. Sure I died everyonce in awhile but that part of the game, for the most part playing smart, staying out of range of melee and keep shadow power up for reflect damage, I was completely fine with around 30k life and 250 AR
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How about his game play .. He might need to kite more. How about Tactical adantage instead of vengance/ and vault tumble instead of fire trail. Add preperation battle scar instead of grenades. Take out multishot and put in cinder. And go to rapid fire webshot to slow them down or spike to damage via trap and run game..

As for equipment: maybe look at the starter budget build 90k dps for mil thread. At least read it. You should be able to MP5 not badly with that build so see why a budget build works better than this one that probably costs more.
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