Diablo® III

Error 73 / Error 3006

If this crap isn't fixed like soon I'm gonna go friggin ballistic...

Been out for 3 damn hours.... what the hell are you guys even doing?

And this outage is only affecting some people... almost everyone of my friends is on atm.

I think we should be reimbursed for this crappy service.

I can't even contact blizz. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!! holy smokes...
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I have the same issue... kinda ridiculous that they could have mass outages like this almost a year after release.
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Blizzard, fix ya !@#$. We didn't buy a game for it to be down...
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I feel a phone call to the BBB is at hand. This happens way to often. Selling a broken product. God I wish the lemon law applied to everything...
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Starting to feel like the OP.

Three hours of downtime on a SATURDAY when we have free time is unacceptable.

I was patient for the first two hours....but as time goes on I keep thinking W. T. F.
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Happened last Saturday too.
Great how the weekend rolls around and I make time to finally play, then I waste all the time waiting on the server.
I'm wanting to support blizzard and like this game, but they are making it an impossible pointless task.
WoW doesn't usually have this many issues and for so long.
Sure there's no subscription, but make a product that works.
It's like selling people a car that breaks down every time you park it.
It's an unreliable investment that becomes a clear waste of time and money.
Seeing as there has been no posts about this issue, I don't feel blizzard is providing sufficient support for their obviously inadequate infrastructure.
I'm a software developer, I know how these systems work, I even specialize in security architecture for large and enterprise systems...
The fact that my wife is able to play on the same network yet I cannot can only mean certain types of issues that I would expect to never occur in a robust well tested system.
Technical issues should be treated with high priority.
The patch development efforts are greatly diminished if your player base cannot access the content or move onto other uses of their time based on regular negative experiences.
I'm very disappointed with the state blizzard is leaving this game in.
I don't think I can continue supporting the game or company if changes aren't made.
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A few thousand phone calls to the BBB would surely raise up a red flag for Blizzard. Maybe they'd finally understand what customer service is.
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Also experiencing login errors and as everyone else said seems to only happen on the weekends or when I have free time. Starting to get a tad bit ridiculous.
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