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[The Real End Game / PVP] Suggestion! Must Read!!

Hey guys i thought of a great idea on end-game and pvp.
Currently, we know that there are going to be 1v1 duel, free-for-all/death match.

@ New PvP System - Solo Ladder

-Allow players to use as many characters they want in 1v1 pvp game.
For example) if a player makes a public pvp game room with character restriction of 3, both players will be able to use 3 characters they wish. (can be 1,2,3,4 is max).

-After the death of your character, next character in order will be automatically summoned
so your opponent doesn't have time to recover.

This will encourage players to make more than 1 BIS character. When d3 users start making new characters, there will b a hugh gold sink and it will be good for the economy.
Also, it will be hard to make all your characters be BIS and since each class have their weakness, pvp won't be one-sided.

@ New PvP System - Guild Ladder

-Allow guild members to make/join guild ladder game which will allow guild vs guild.
-Each guild have upto 4 members in a team and they can use 1 character each.
-Same rule applies where after one of your guild members die, next in order will automatically summoned.

I was thinking how awesome it will be to have 8~10 people in your team and fighting against your opponent's team. This will encourage players to participate in guild system which will help players to interact with each other :]

**If you like this idea, reply what you think or give it a bump!! lol**
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It reminds me of one of the modes in what was probably the last release of a Mortal Kombat game for the Genesis. You had to select two or three characters to use against your opponent: when one died, the next one came in.

KUDOS and +1,000

Could you imagine all the interesting matchups? DH kills barb quickly, but then a wiz comes in and beats the DH...and so on. I can't say I love this enough.
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Nice thought about the "pokemon" style battle. +1
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I am bumping this $hit again.
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^ty lol

read it and bump this guys!!
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This is a new and interesting idea.

I mean for reals.

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Another bump.
And a little cross-promotion:

If we're gonna have a PvP system with options like this, it would be nice to have the ability to create and join named games that make it clear what you're getting into.. aka my thread:)

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bump for greater justice
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No thanks. Why would i want options what would make the game more fun.

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Awesome and fresh ideea !!!
+1 to u OP
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Trolls please keep bumping the thread.. I think it's a great idea. And if you don't like it, then don't join these "ladder" pvp games, just play straight-up 1v1 games. It would be an "option", do you understand the meaning of that word?
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Blizzard said no ladders in Diablo 3 .. They don't want it to feel Competitive.

I like the Idea though:D Diablo 3 should of had a ladder from the beginning. Another reason making D3 casual is fail.
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01/14/2013 12:47 PMPosted by Edriel
Nice thought about the "pokemon" style battle. +1

See, I didn't view this idea like Pokemon...I viewed it like the Capcom vs. games and King of Fighters, where you pick three or four people for your team, you can switch them out at will. Obviously, in Diablo 3, it wouldn't be possible to switch your characters out midmove, like you could in the Marvel vs. Capcom vs. SNK kinda games, or even Tekken Tag Tournament...

But at least on death, switching out for the next character in your list/player in your guild seems fair.
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I expected to read another hair-brained idea that would take large amounts of programming and have server-traffic issues but, this is actually a great idea and probably better than any silly arena based team-combat ideas that were attempted by blizzard.
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YES!!! i love this idea its awesome, and ya the match ups would be awesome. Also like the idea of guilds and guild duels. This sounds like alot of fun, I hope Blizzard sees this post :D
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I like it.

PVP still sucks, but it's a good idea of how to do it.
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