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Starting a throw barb, what should i change?

Just bought a 300th spear, -5 IK belt and -3 skull grasp for a throw barb build. I'm new to this build, coming from a WW barb build.

I've also changed my skills to fit what i think is my playstyle.

What do you think i should change, gear-wise, to make the most of this build?
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I would start with your gloves.

Since you went with life steal and LoH EF and 300th you have very little crit dmg and gloves would be an easy place to add it. You could even drop some attack speed for crit dmg since you have so much on your other items.

Also, I would use a different rune for Battle Rage - either into the fray or marauder's rage. Might as well gain fury from a crit hit or increase your dmg by an additional 10%.

And, why no wrath of the berserker?

I would also change the rune you are using with Leap - no need to pull enemies towards you if you are a throw barb. I would go with Death from Above for pvp (if you're testing it on the PTR) or Iron Impact if you're just playing the game normally.

And i would change the rune for ancient spear - I use Skirmish when i run a throw build, but I only have -4 fury to weapon throw and you have more, so could go with any of the runes really, but why not Rage Flip for you? It increases the dmg of it...just a thought
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Good notes, thanks man.

Im not a huge fan of Wrath, i can never keep it up long enough.

I was using that Leap run because of the 1-2 combo with it and Overpower, it's a nice burst for big groups. Mostly though it just fun, i'll consider changing it for sure.

THe Spear Rune i just read that if you line it up for like 3-4 guys you'll likely crit, and criting resets the cooldown so you can hit them again after they get pulled into and lined up for you. It'd like 2 insta burst spears. But i agree with you, it hasnt been that effective
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