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Post 1/15/13 Maintenance Performance

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I've been having performance issues since yesterday’s maintenance. While previously the game was running smooth as silk on resolutions around 1898x1186 and the next two higher resolutions, post-update I've been suffering from terrible framerates with the exact same settings. This also impacted World of Warcraft.

I have the 2.7ghz / 16GB RAM / 1GB GeForce 650M model 15” retina display Macbook Pro.

Non-Blizzard apps and games continue to run perfectly for me, so I assume it clearly this has something to do with the most recent maintenance. I've never once suffered from any of the previously reported mac-related performance issues.

I haven’t yet had a chance to try resetting my SMC but found it odd that all of the sudden this issue came up after the scheduled maintenance. Should I anticipate that resetting the SMC work? I know for others previously this was a fix--but one that would have to be repeated from time to time; however, seeing as this issue never once reared its head for me until the most recent maintenance I was curious.

Anyone else having similar issues subsequent to the maintenance? If so, were you able to remedy the problem?
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Same issue here.
Already did a SMC reset. Everything was fine for a brief glorious moment, but then back to random fps drops. I'm spiking down to 4-8 fps every few sec which makes it unplayable for me.
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100 Goblin Hunter
Posts: 202
A response I got from another thread:

"Happens even on my mac pro. Monitor sleep is ok, hard disk spin down is ok. but as soon as you use full system sleep, performance of games or ANY opengl app really turns to crap. This issue has two work arounds. 1. Reboot. 2. Change resolution is OS X (not in game) and then change it back. these are the ONLY work arounds. the smc reset shoudln't even be nessesary as the reboot should suffice all on it's own for this sleep bug."

I haven't had a chance to try this yet but will do so this evening. Let me know if you have any luck with it!
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