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Question about ah/rmah Itemprices:

Hey all,

i took a very long break from the game but plan to check it out again when 1.7 is live.
The days that i played the last time the gold and € prices in the AH were COMPLETLY different then they are today oO.

My question now is:
what are items like the WD Setitems really worth? (good to very good stats, not perfect/max stats)
I guess those 100-200 mio per item prices are WAY to high?

What do you guys think is a good price to pay (gold and/or €) for one peace?
Have absolutely no idea what to "scan" for now because the prices are just sick....
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everything is way too high. it comes from way too much gold and not enough decent drops.

Sad to say that your best bets finding your own gear and upgrading slowly from the AH as you can. buying gold will cost you $100's now to get semi decent gear and $1000's if you plan on trying to max out.

Most of the ... great gear (not even BiS most of the time) is 2 billion gold each. @ $27 per 100 million that's only $540 dollars per piece. Only 26 billion to get BiS for every piece, $14,040 USD so yea your right the prices are ridiculous but the devs are not doing anything to fix the real issue. The scary thing is that i have seen guys buy 3 and 4 toons worth of BiS gear and have less kills then your account.
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Omfg so 100-200 Mio IS a good price for one piece of gear with decent stats? (there are a few in the EU ah right now... thats why i ask ^^).

Damn it and i thought i am rich with almost 100 Mio in Gold -.-.
And no, i do not plan on spending 500$ on virtual items lol.

Alt least 1.7 points out that the devs MIGHT have noticed that the drop/item system is utterly crap right now and that it will improve after expansion pack #xy...

But another question concerning the WD gear:
is it a good or bad idea to go for 4 pieces zuni AND two pieces manajuma?

fixed typos... peace != piece xD
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New gems cost like 20 mil or something? I think that's going to be the way dev's take money out of the system ...... Problem is with the manaja set is you don't get bonus to elite and also if you are running an Acid cloud build you are better off with a Visage of Giyua.
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I have no "fixed build".
I play a "defensive summoner" with focus on my minions (as much life/sec as possible, etc).
As offensive skills I use what i like to use in that moment. Right now i am trying something new (no more "low cost primary" but spirit barrage instead for example).

So no, i do not focus on Acid Cloud. Just used to have that ugly helmet because it was cheap many many months ago :).

yay! got some pretty nice upgrades for 5-25 mio Gold for each piece and with some luck i ll get two more within 24 hours (auctions still going ^^).
if everything goes fine, i only miss the Zunimassas boots to get that 4 piece bonus but man those boots are REALLY expensive oO.
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But another question concerning the WD gear:
is it a good or bad idea to go for 4 pieces zuni AND two pieces manajuma?

im using it..though my manajuma OH is crap...a good one is really good, 130extra int is like 7k dps and 13ar
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yes, that was the intention of it...
don't like the legendary last breath and ukhasomething snake so that set seems to be "best" for me.
can you tell me about that "deadly poison cloud" thingy that comes with the manajumas? is it just visual or does it deal dmg?
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deal dmg...but u can forget it. think of it like fire walkers u destroy everything u walk by.
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