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Need Barb MP10 and Ubers Advice. Thanks all!

Okay, I am finding myself struggling in MP10 key runs and Ubers and I am at a point where I am unsure how to correct the issue. More DPS or More Survival??

Here is a link to my profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Daith-1345/hero/1025703

I typically farm MP 6 or 7 and it's a rare occurrence for me to die. I believe the problem stems with my gear over my build. (Some people prefer Superstition or Nerves of Steel over Bloodthirst, but this is my personal preference until I get more LoH or LS)

I have put my focus on Strength, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage followed by stacking Attack Speed, Vitality, All Resistance, Movement Speed and Life % when I can. This has led to problems with my survival during fights where the spike damage is greater than my regeneration mechanics.

For weapons, Echoing Fury seems to be a popular choice for the Weapons Master passive, the very high DPS, the Attacks per Second and chance of +Crit Damage and a Socket, but I found the fear mechanic to be extremely annoying when fighting smaller groups or trying to chase down a lone remaining elite so I switched to Sun Keeper in the meantime. I have considered using the Bul-Kathos set with Sockets in both weapons, but I will lose the 10% Crit bonus from Weapons Master and I am concerned about my Fury generation. This would, however, free up another passive to boost my damage or survivability.

I know the main upgrades people will say is to get better gems, and I am working on that, but aside from that, are there any other greater upgrades I can use to increase my damage output, survivability, or a healthy balance of both?

A few items I am considering as upgrades:
Echoing Fury (Even though I really really hate the fear proc)
Bul-Kathos Solemn Vow and Warrior Blood
Lacuni Prowlers (Will sacrifice even more survivability for damage and mobility)
Mempo of Twilight (Probable Survivability AND Damage boost)

I am also wondering if the Full IK set was worthwhile as I still run into the occasional Fury Starvation and the heal is super gimpy.

Finally, I am considering playing around with a 2H weapon and seeing the damage result and am torn between Skorn and the IK Boulder Breaker.

Any and all advice on how to improve my character to be able to farm MP10 (Albeit is doesn't have to be super fast, just for Key runs and Ubers fights) will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks to all those in the Barbarian community with information I likely have missed along the way.

-Daith Dragvandil
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honestly I would just say I switched from bash to frenzy and find it a lot better especially with Triumph and your weapon setup it should help a lot. may or may not work but worth a shot
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IMO your major issue are the weapons you're using right now. What you switch to will depend on your budget. Main hand should be mace/ax with as high damage (not damage per second) as you can afford with open socket and crit damage. Offhand, you should look for a faster weapon, dagger preferably, with atk speed+life steal+crit damage+open socket. Since you're using the double nado build, most of your damage comes from the tornadoes that spawn from your sprint. That damage is primarily dependent on the damage of your main hand, so you can save some money and buy a lower dps off hand. You need a faster offhand/attack speed so your tornadoes tick more (look up attack speed break points for tornadoes, lots of posts everywhere), which improves your survivability and fury generation. The damage you see on your info page might look lower, but paper dps doesn't really show the effectiveness of the dual nado build. I do uber 10 key runs just fine with my build (switching to overpower/crushing advance).
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Your life is to low and your AR is not quit optimal which equals low EHP. i would guess damage spikes are taking you out.

Your AS need some improvement as well more AS=Ticks Ticks=TDPS and Life procs.

MP 7-10 the EF fear proc. is irrelevant in OH, its a none issue.

IMO a WW BARB needs the following to farm MP 10 using weapon master and ruthless

The higher you move up in these categories and or DPS will allow for killing spree over crushing ADV or warcry.

TDPS buffed 800K+ puppet DPS id say for most WW you need be around 180K+
5.8+ LS
50k-/+ life depending on AR
500-/+ AR depending on Life
2400+ STR
2.1+ AS

Also Killing spree can get you the DSP you need if your heavy on EHP and can swing it.

feel free to add opinion and tweek my numbers
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