Diablo® III

Lost Zuni items due to host leaving game

I lost four Zunimassa pieces today on my hc wd. Blizzard technical support informed me there is no way for lost items to be replaced (unless your account is hacked) but suggested I post about it anyway. I don't expect to get the items back, and I readily admit it was my mistake to throw the items on the ground, even for 2 seconds. That said, it isn't easy to stomach losing such value, and in the future it would be nice if there was some way to restore recently lost items or for recently vacated games to exist for a grace period after everyone leaves.

A friend of mine created a private game which I joined so I could give him an item I had found for him. I had just acquired my fourth Zuni piece this morning and got the set achevement - so I asked him if he wanted to take my Zuni pieces for a second so he could get the achievement as well. I threw the pieces on the ground for him to pick up. Instead of picking up the items - he left the game to switch to his witch doctor. Normally, this would not cause a problem since I am still in the game. However, when he left the game, it booted me from the game as well, telling me the host had left a recently created game. Since all players had left, the game was instantly destroyed along with the Zuni pieces.

I am obviously done playing Diablo 3 and will most likely suicide my wd in the most glorious fashion I can think of. It would be nice if there was some sort of restore feature for items that took months and hundreds of millions of gold to acquire.

12% life
141 max mana
cc 4%

71 res all
178 life regen
3 sockets

64res all
cd 34%
259 life regen
cc 4.5%

8% poison dmg
49 arcane res
71 res all
12% mvt speed

The items still show up on diabloprogress until it updates my profile. I will not be giving/selling my other items to random people.
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dunno why you dropped them instead of trade and on hardcore too
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I am so so sorry to hear that! Yikes. What the GM meant was that you can come to the forums and post a suggestion if you want to see the item recovery system change. The GMs are not allowed to do more, and unless the developers implement some sort of item recovery system folks in your situation can't be helped. To get that changed, players can submit suggestions via the forums. If you want to see a change, all you can do at this point is post a well thought out suggestion on the General forums (or whichever topic is closest to your issue) letting them know what you think need changing and your constructive ideas as to how to do it.

Also - they don't mean to post on Tech Support because the developers don't read these. They read the main forums, class forums, etc to get an idea what issues the community is focused on and ideas for changes.
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Be glad the entire north america server bank didn't crash like it did as I SW'd into the middle of a pack of 20 monsters. While we as fellow players feel bad for you, Blizzard doesn't care.
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lol I love these kinds of posts where people ask for refunds on things after doing the stupidest stuff imaginable. The funniest part of course is that they think it will actually happen.
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