Diablo® III

See ya'll at PvP

So i think i finally got my toon about where i would like it for PvP. If anyone has anything better than what i have currently and would like to sell, feel free to message me in game or in the forums. If it's on the AH and it results in a sale for me, i'll even include a 10% bounty. I'll still be poking around the forums. But in the meantime, i guess i'll take a diablo hiatus to play SC :-P.

Oh yea, feel free to msg me any time if you need help or want to chit chat. I've enjoyed everyone i met in this game thus far and the experience has been second to none! Thank you

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Damn dude your looking good, even got Pacifism ready. ^_^
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Your boots must have cost a fortune.
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Nevermind his boots. That amulet!
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very very nice :)
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Congrats on your monk!

Just one point of critique, is it worth having OWE when you only have 82 additional single resist? (From shield and bracer).
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wait what?!?! you didn't tell me you were gonna stop for a bit. hope pvp comes out soon then so I can hide behind you =)
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I don't think cookie cutter is gonna be my setup for PvP. Imo resource management and closing gaps with kiters will be a big issue for monks. In which case i will probably run with dashing strike and SSS in lieu of sweeping wind and BoH. I'm undecided on OWE/STI. My thoughts are to run with OWE and MOE:Hard Target atm...

Not completely off. Just splitting some time with my first love, Starcraft. Haha i've had the beta for the expansion for quite some time now and haven't got the chance to play around with it. Thanks for being one of the extremely awesome people i've met in this game.
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wow, u did get a few very sweet upgrades. congrats

see u at pvp, haha
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GG, pudding. Love theorycrafting with you and look forward you to represent the monk community and hopefully out duel other classes in PvP..

01/06/2013 05:37 AMPosted by BorrowedTime
wait what?!?! you didn't tell me you were gonna stop for a bit. hope pvp comes out soon then so I can hide behind you =)

I had the same idea as well, too bad TDM is scratched for now and we have no idea when or what form it's gonna come back.
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Im pretty similiar build with 700+ ar 24% block 70k life 90k dps 700+loh only need to find another 100 crit damage and willo be about 120k dps
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