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Stone of Jordan question.

Can someone explain to me the benefits of the SOJ? I mean, I found one today and decided to ID it and take a chance. Came out with the following:

5% Fire
+13 Fury
+23% Elites
+6% Frenzy Dmg

So...just an avg. roll for a fire SOJ. I use frenzy as my main fury boost, so that was helpful. With all the added fire, I decided to switch from REND to WhirlWind and go with Volcanic Eruption. I'm not certain whether the ring is helping that attack or not, but I assume so.

So, I go out and start hitting stuff. Keep in mind, I'm also using FireWalkers and leaving a trail of fire. My sword has NO Fire dmg, so I decided to buy a cheap Axe of Sankis with 800 DPS and (Vs. 1200+ for my sword) and see what happens. Wasn't expecting much.

GEEZUS! I'm like a ball of inferno walking around! Walked into act 1 Weeping Hallow and started using WW and there were burning parts of demons hanging all over trees, houses, fences...it looked pretty spectacular. That low DPS was actually holding up quite nicely with all the bonuses. Wonder what a good one of those would do.

So, I put my sword back on and still getting flaming body parts all over the place just using Frenzy! My sword has no fire dmg and Frenzy isn't a fire attack? Not sure what's up with that. The stone just makes whatever you hold graphically do that kind of dmg?

You have a "black" (no element) weapon, so you can get any and all types of elemental damage added to it. The accurate way to read +%5 fire damage is "+5% damage as fire". All of your attacks are increased by 5% and imbued with fire.
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@SilverFire: Sure. But the ability to always have your fury to Critical Hit 100% of the time is impossible with a -5 SOJ. 1/5 of the time when you are chasing that singe enemy you are shooting yourself in the foot or if you miss hitting multiple enemies. Further, single enemies tend to become the norm if fighting at higher MPs since elites have much more life than normal enemies (especially rare elite packs) and grouping even champion packs for a slam that hits them both can take longer time than actually having something to generate fury.

The key though is that this can be good enough to pull off most of the time, especially using good placements of your tornadoes. I just don't want people actually thinking you can go completely to town without a little more thought with a -5 Stone of Jordan.
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With all my excess attack speed and movement bonus It seems I can literally attack continuously with Whirlwind and never lose fury as long as a monster or two is around. The criticals are about 1 out of 3 spins and I'm spinning like 5 times a second. Kind of nice running a zero fury burn build.

Ah, so my no-fire dmg sword is actually now doing 6% additional fire hidden fire dmg. Hmmm. At +125% Attack Speed, (Full Fury Stack + Wrath of Berzerk) and volcano going, that looks like a fire tornado.

Hey, I have an Immortal King's Boulder Breaker with -5 fury HoTA. If you paired that with a -4/-5 SOJ, wouldn't that bring the Fury cost down enough to run it almost 0 Fury with Into the Fray active?
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