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Where to go next with itemization?

So last night I got extremely lucky and found a 2 socket dex manticore and sold it almost instantly for 105M. I proceeded to change from a pet/darts build to the cookie cutter gruesome feast/tribal rites build, and overhaul about 7 slots of gear. But now each piece is going to cost lots of money, and it can be risky, and stressful business trying to upgrade. I'm wondering from those with geared out wd where should I go next? Do I need more loh, more res, should I be sacking any stats for damage? I don't see myself coming into lots of money again anyime soon, unless my luck remains that good, so upgrades for under 10M would be preferred but any advice would be appreciated as it gives me something to look towards in the long run. If anyone could just take a look at my profile and give me some advice. Thank you
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Upgrade your gems. As someone said to me, equipment comes and goes, but gems are forever. Do it now - you've enough cash to do it, but not enough to get significant upgrades anywhere else.
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You have the money to get upgrades elsewhere, and while Gems last for ever, they are also the worse investment for your return.

Better dagger, better witching hour, Tal's ammy , CC vision, CC Pox, CC prowlers are all upgrades you should consider before gems.
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Better dagger, better witching hour, Tal's ammy , CC vision, CC Pox, CC prowlers are all upgrades you should consider before gems.

Just how much do you think these upgrades to what he has would be worth?
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thank you for advice ill keep these in mind cc pox cc prowlers and tal ammy with cc/crit were all items I looked into but felt I should spread the money across other slots. The money I got was already spent on the ammy, knife, offhand, gloves, pants, shoulders, chest and boots. So now I need to save up to get any of those said upgrades. I thought about CC vision but dropping anymore all res after switching to a more close range build seemed risky at the time. I'll shoot for it eventually thanks
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