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Rate the monk above you, Part II

01/25/2013 11:30 AMPosted by NeoGh0st
@Drug you don't have a link to your profile! 0/10 for invisible monk

7/10. Only thing I can really suggest is changing out your bracers, fire res on them and 6% CC with higher dex/vit rolls. You are using OWE and really not taking advantage of it.
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6/10. I think you should try getting some new wpns... kinda low dps imo

Looking good,well balanced. More ls maybe even better.
@nekydo, idk how you live with 12% ms :D but maybe a lacunis or a ice climbers with ms would totally make your runs...feel like runs lol
@Magmus 7/10

Looks good to me. Just need to flesh out some of your pieces that are missing crit or crit damage.
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Wow nice gear 10/10.
Just made few upgrades. What do u think?
I have a bunch of gear swaps for Res/shield/sustain vs reflect/ etc also

Next thing I want to upgrade is get a witching hour with high dex and all Res and eventually try to phase out one with everything and switch it with guiding light / breath of heaven for patch 1.07 . This is my pve go to build. Hits at about 1 mil buffed snapshot + overawe..
@ balrog decent gear nice start. Try to up DMG and ehp with attack speed and avg dmg

Very nice dps, nice items.


well its hardcore but id upgrade the rings, add more items with dexteriry, crit chance, ect to up the damage and sacrafice a little life if you have to
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Sockets in weapons, crit damage is pro
Could really use some help with my monk, although i have a few different sets i use depending on if i need to be more tanky or not, the current one up is the on i use most often. any help would be appreciated.

Very solid monk! Can' really see many items that need a huge upgrade, but I think in the long run you would fare better with a standard inna chest. In addition, try upgrading the pants to 9% as, its not a huge improvement, but might as well get it out of the way xD
Sushi, your toon does not look that bad. Much better than mine.(7-10)
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Pein, your toon is sweet, nice job. 9 - 10
#unclesam not sure what to say. why arent u doing the cookie cutter build or tr? ill skip passing judgement. also u might consider lvling a follower for more mf gf, and exp. just saying.

I want his Nat's ring!

Oh wait! Wrong thread.

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damn froix! nice one m8


love the IAS hehe. Also kudos to your patience in gettin to Plvl 92.

Im still a noob working on my monk :P

You should choose a resist like ''arcane'' or whatever else

if you wanna run One with everything rightly

because actually i dont think its really worth it.
@homme - Ive stacked on poison resist, total resist 610 atm.. if I dont run OWE, my resistances are crap lol :P
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